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Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Come on..." frustrated.. Jawapan poyo..
" But that's the truth"
"You're not saying that I'm that perfect are you?" smirking.. in disgust of course..
"There's nothing I would change about you.. I just fall for you.. I just like you for who you are"

"So, you don't want me to change at all?"
" Nope"
"Isn't there anything that you don't like about me?"
" Still, don't you want me to change?"

Kei turned to me, smiling "If you want to change, change because you want to. I just want to embrace the person I fall in love with for who she really is. Not someone I tell her to be.. That's too arrogant, don't you think?"

" Is it that hard to love me?"


Hi guise,

I got another question. I hope this would be the last on "how to" questions.. 

which I would like to translate as..

How to change someone we like [love] into something-something..

To me, if there's no particular reason why we fall for someone, why should we create a reason not to love 'em anymore? Why do we want to change someone who charmed us into falling for 'em in the first place. Some might say "Well, mula-mula tak kenal. Sekarang dah kenal. Ada la yang kena ubah.."

Ok, I would agree if the change is minor and he/she is willing to change it. I mean, it's not a big deal if it's just about changing your hairstyle.. That's not a big issue. But what about his/her personality? Something he/she is born with? Something he/she is moulded into? Isn't that the same personality that you find attractive?

You have to be more charming..

You have to be more feminine.. You have to be more masculine..

You have to be smarter.. You have to talk to my friend, and make them like you..

You have to dress better. You have to walk differently than you usually do..

You have to.. 

Because that would be perfect for me..

Sometimes you wonder, is he/she this hopeless when I first fall for him/her?

The truth is, nobody's perfect. I know you know that. But can you accept the fact that you're trying to change something which is already perfect in your eyes in the first place? Turn them into something that you want them to be.. If you ask yourself.. Are you even worthy for such perfection?

I would want to love like Kei.. To love everything there is about my significant others, no matter how imperfect they might be.. And would only wish to be loved in the same way..

" Beautiful imperfections build a perfect relation. If only we know how to appreciate them"


P/S: Rasa macam nak print T-shirt banyak-banyak
P/P/S: BTW, Acid.. Kacak la reply entry ko.. Huhuhu..

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely.. Hey, tekan la nuffnang tu] .


  1. macam tu tu macam mana? Taklah.. Generally speaking, semua pun camtu kan? Tulah, ikhlas tu penting.. Ewah tudia makan dia

  2. Mike: Rule #1: Never criticize.
    Abby: Even if it's constructive?
    Mike: Never. Men are incapable of growth, change, or progress.

    sedutan dari filem the ugly truth.

  3. haha...habis dh kisah ko kali nie yer...aku pon xbugjet aku bace je sume..hahaha ok its really good in everything..story,advice,pic.. nice n all the best...n why are u being engnr??? hahaha :) ok day selalu slalu lah boring n free supaya kau wat entry bebanyak k..

  4. if you try to change the person tht u love 'em much to something you called 'dissaster'!!

  5. i think its ok kalau change for better.. contohnya tutup aurat dengan lebih sempurna.. hehe

  6. hurm hbgn cinta ibarat melengkapkan sekeping puzzle.perbezaan dia dan kita adlh sesuatu yg indah.bosan kalau apa yg kita nk semua dia kena ikut

    kita tdk mampu mengubah psgn cuma stiasa communicate apa yg kita inginkan dlm phubungan..apa yg kita suka dan tak.kena give n take.

    dh ltk ur blog in my bloglist 'diorang kreatif' feel free to visit ya...

  7. there a choice and depends..

    Perlu ke kita ubah orang? dan Perlu ke kita berubah?

    Yea dan tidak :)

    yea untuk sesuatu lebih baik
    tidak kalau ianya memburukan keadaaan..

    Ada sesetengahnya kita kena ubah atau berubah dalam perhubungan lebih telus lebih jujur dan lebih mempercaiayi..

    Ada kalanya kita tak perlu berubah kerana jika berubah menjadikan kita seperti orang lain.. atau orang yang kita suka jadi orang lain.. :)

    So there pro and cons.. sebaiknya berbinacang dalam melakukan perubahan.. dan hanya ubah apa yang perlu.. :) dan berubah dalam keikhlasan bukan terpaksa ;)


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