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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

So hey?

Let's cut the introduction..

I'm joining a give-away (I guess). Ni first time nak join nih.. Cik Gadis Misteri, saya suka baca blog awak.. titik..



Why am I joining this? Because I want to. I wanna support my fellow blogger. Nak-nak time aku memang takde idea langsung ni and I need to draw so badly!!! I hope I'm not destroying the original version of Gadis Misteri. hey gurl, I love your artwork, please enjoy mine..

Kekekeke.. I hope you won't hate the extra characters there ( meaning Day and Kei).. Ok la.. Serious, kritikal dah otak aku ni takde idea..


p/s: Friends and family, do not try to reach me.. I'm okay. i just need space and time for myself.. Sorry for making you worried.

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely..] .


  1. aaaaaaa cuteee ! style lah lukisan grrr :D

  2. jelouslah..doodle sis sangat kreatif+chomel..^^

  3. rare gila.. hahaha!! day & kei pun ada juga.. *thumbs up sis =..=b*

  4. rare gila.. hahaha!! day & kei pun ada juga.. *thumbs up sis =..=b*

  5. haha aku da tgk yg lain2, ko je sorg yg aku rasa pandai melukis..

  6. wah cantik...trs sggh sini lps tgk ur atrwork di blog mystery girl he3...slmt berkenalan ye

  7. wooooooooootttt... wooooooooootttttt.....

    Ku baru mengenali kamu dan ku jatuh cinta......
    Btw, jatuh cinta dengan artwork kamu ye, anakanda^^v

  8. huhu.. Thanks for stopping by.. Glad to know that you like the drawing.. HEh, ini awkward.. Aku dah jadi orang yang membosankan.. T-T

  9. Slm.. tolong beri semula nama dan alamat ke emel amna_sya@yahoo.com. Atas sbb2 tertentu, email yg dulu da hilang. minta maaf :)


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