Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hari tu ada la borak ngan geng BOTK pasal character styling. Boraknya sikit aje tapi asyik duk terpikir lak walaupun topiknya dah basi. Bila aku duk tengok-tengok, duk tilik-tilik, memang masa aku reka watak Day ngan Kei tu aku malas habis. Asyik pakai T-shirt putih ngan hoodie putih. Tapi bagus jugak sebab aku memang malas nak lukis yang complicated. Malas satu hal, tak reti pun satu hal lagi. Nak jugak aku merajinkan diri lukis baju pesen-pesen tapi tu la.. Last-last jadi malas balik. Lagipun aku tak reti sangat bab-bab fesyen ni.

Kat Pinterest aku memang ada satu Board dedicated to fashion. One of my favorite fashion item is sheer fabric. Dari sheer dress sampai la mesh shirt. Aku suka tengok. Ada la satu kali beli baju yang ada sheer fabric kat bawah, konon ranggi la. Tapi bila pakai, hahahahaha, advertise muffin top. Why why why why..


Day and Kei : The End?

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

It has been.. what.. 9 years since I first started to write/draw about Kei. To be honest, having him as a character really helps me to visualize my idea better. You see, I don't interact that much with people around me. At least not on a personal level. So having this weird imaginary boyfriend makes it easy to demonstrate how I would really want to communicate with people around me.

At time I feel quite upset having to rely on an imaginary character instead of you know, having a real boyfriend for real life inspiration. But it wasn't that bad all the time. Kei had developed into a well loved persona. He is caring, unconditionally loving and a trusted companion.

Early this year I decided to slowly part way with this character. Reason being I've seen so many relationship comic on my feed that makes me feel like a fake? Like I'm copying someone else's romance? Those people have genuine relationship outside their characters but I don't. Kei is purely fictional and that makes me feel... inadequate.

So I did consider it, very seriously; I had wanted to end the Day Kei series.But it's not easy to do. Sometimes you just get that idea and you just have to use what you're familiar with.  So, Day Kei will end some day. But not now.



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