Moving in Circle

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mom used to say that when you miss someone, even looking at the path he took would ease the longing. But you'd miss him even more soon after.

[Kei's POV]

She's awfully quiet. It's almost like she's not there at all. She's steering the wheel, looking straight in front but not really watching. Losing your attention while driving is dangerous, kid! Snap out of it. Kei steals a glance at Day beside him. She's awfully out of character - well not entirely true. She has always been a brooding kid, retreating to her dark cave every now and then whenever she feels like it. Not even Kei can enter her mind when she does that. And that is saying something. Kei is her after all. He's the product of her misery, of her loneliness. But that doesn't mean that Kei understands her entirely. But she does. Entirely. 

"It's okay. I'm just taking a detour" she says, answering to Kei's beaming inner thought.

"I know this road" Kei notices. Yes.. the trail is very familiar. She doesn't come here that often but when she does she ends up hurting herself. Something Kei hates. Kei nervously reaches for her arm. 

"Don't. I know what I'm doing. It's not like we're gonna see him anyway." She says, masking her true feeling under a gleeful smile. She's nervous. She's missing him so much. That's the truth. It's so obvious that it makes Kei's blood boils in rage. Stop thinking about that guy. You're hurting yourself. He knows she can hear him even though the scream doesn't leave his lips.

"Relax. We're not living in a cheap drama where it's always easy to bump into someone you miss" the last word is muffled behind her teeth. She pulls up that obnoxious fake smile again. There's a hint of sadness in the corner of her eyes. Who are you trying to fool, Day? Stop it..

The closer they are to the new house by the junction the more apparent her nervousness is. Her heart beats faster, lips stripped of colour and her fingers trembles against the steering. And there he is. Just like in the novel. It's almost magical to see the very guy Day's heart is fixed to just walks out of the house heading to his white Honda. A glance is enough to prove that the guy in red t-shirt, sling bag across his chest is him. He still looks the same. Same walk. Same style. The same guy Day has being seeing in her dreams.

For a second, she smiles in all honesty. Her cheeks are painted with dusty pink. She watches him and wishes she could throw away that cap from his lush curls. She never really like curly hair but damn he looks good in his dark curls. Some of them escape from under his snapback. Was it a snapback? She couldn't tell because as fast as she recognises him, she turns away. But from the corner of her eyes she sees it. She sees them. There is a woman next to him and she's carrying a baby. Out of fear or anger maybe, she couldn't register her face.

She quickly turns to the right, fleeing the scene. Kei is hanging to the seat as Day speeds through the rocky trails to the main road. Her eyes are widen in surprise for the next 5 minutes. He doesn't think she knows where she's heading to anymore. She just needs to escape as soon as possible. 

She finally hit the brake when they reach the beach. Her forehead rests on the steering. Kei hears a small sobbing, almost like a choking sniff. Kei reaches for Day's shoulder. He wants to comfort her. He wants her to cry in his chest but Day held out her arm.

"Leave me for a bit, will you Kei?"

And Kei obeys. Day is alone again in the car as she has been all the time.

Kei doesn't know how long he's away from her but by the time he finds himself sitting next to Day again, the tears have already dried. Tears for someone else. As much as Kei hate to see her cry, he would rather have the cry belong to him instead. Not for some guy who has already forgotten about Day. He would have treated her better. He wouldn't let those tears ever escaping unless it is because she's too happy to stop it from falling. Kei pulls Day to his embrace.

"It's okay. I got you..".
Mom used to say that when you miss someone, even looking at the path he took would ease the longing. But you'd miss him even more soon after.
I don't.. It's not longing that I feel.. This is pure torture. 


p/s: Listen to "We don't talk anymore" by Charlie Puth. It's being ringing my head for the whole day now. Oh my god

p/p/s: I wanted to draw a two-pages comic on this but I can't bring myself to do it. Ahh.. I really need to practice my stroke more.

p/p/p/s: Hahaha.. Sorry.. I can't help myself but do watch this choreo cover for the song. It's so pretty.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hi guise,



Degil ni!!

*tampar* *tampar*

Maka bergegarlah muffin top dan segala jelly like substance yang ada di sekitar bahagian abdomen. Hari ni dah masuk 16 Ramadan tapi lemak degil ni duk sedap lagi landing atas six packs aku. Yaaaarghhh tensionnya.

Nak kata aku melantak time berbuka, nasi pun tak sentuh. Apa masalah lemak degil ni sebenarnya? Sayang sangat kat perut aku ke apa? Why can't a girl have a nice flat tummy with fine ass for once?
I'm not starving myself, lets just be clear about that. Actually, taking carbo makes me bloated so I am more than willing to skip on bread and rice, except for some special occasions. Cue "Subway Chicken Tandoori" song. Yesterday I asked one of my colleague if he could see any change in me and he was like dodging the question while chuckling under his breath. After satisfying his need for a good laugh, he turned to me said "Maybe it's not the food. Move more. Sleep less"

I've been sitting on my ass longer than I should. I nap a lot he said.

Where's the lie though?

You know what, I'm ditching this idea to get my body in shape before raya.


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~

p/s: Don't tell me to exercise.. I'm not gonna so maybe I should stop being angry at my body for being complacent with the thick coat of fat around my waist yahaha (T.T)"

p/p/s: Apa la turun tak sampai sekati. Siot je.. Sakit hati kita

Happy Birthday Bangtan

Monday, June 13, 2016

Special Entry for Bangtan Boy's Birthday!!

Those who followed me from May last year would have noticed that I've talked a lot about BTS here. But this is a very special entry because it's their debut anniversary!

생일 춬하해 방탄!!

Since it's a very special day and a very special entry, let me warn you, no comic! Bye, Felicia.

BTS debuted on 13 June 2013, three years ago. They didn't really catch my attention at the time because I was on hiatus from all kpop related for a while. Not really a hiatus but I was interested in another band at that time and I usually focus on one band at a time. Anyway, despite my late recruitment into the fandom, (our fandom is called ARMY btw), I up my ante in the stanning game. Yep my friends, I finally decided to start buying the album. Tbh it was my sister who first started the movement.

We tried to buy everything related to BTS in appreciation to their hardwork and unique persona in the kpop scene. Anyway, check out our haul.


2 Cool 4 Skool
(Album cover by gzbae)
Ah yes, the debut album.. Look at those fetus. Tryna look gangsters. You ain't fooling anyone, kids. This is actually the latest album we bought. Title song "No More Dream" is debatably one of their most up front social critic song. One thing I will say, nice abs Jimin. (Purchased by Onie)


(Album cover by gzbae)
I read it as "Oh, are you late too?". Almost like teasing the second wave of ARMY who missed out their debut album. I get it, baes. We missed it. Sorry.. Title song "N.O", another social critic on the South Korean education. Most memorable thing about this era is Suga's housewife style. (Purchased by Onie during her visit to South Korea)


Skool Luv Affair
(Album cover by gzbae)
From teenage rebels to teenage lovesick angsty rebel. I actually really like this era. Their title song "Boys In Luv" is very catchy and edgy. And their follow up song "Just One Day" is surprisingly sweet. It's the school theme album we all deserves. Oh and did I mention their Cypher Part 2 Triptych? That's my war call, seriously. (Purchased by Onie during her visit to South Korea)


Skool Luv Affair Special Edition
(Album cover by gzbae)
Ahh... this one.. We missed this one. It's okay.. Once I'm not broke, I'll buy it. Just one more. One more to complete their Korean release. (T_T)

(Album cover by gzbae)
The first full album and my Achilles heel. Their title song "Danger" did not do much to me. I like it. Amazing dance move. But the one that really sink its fangs into me was the follow up song "War of Hormone". I even started doing fanarts because of that song. The one shot mv was a visual galore. I love the colour pallet, the rockers fashion style, the playful gazes and most importantly, the song. Heavy electric guitars, killer rap sequence and high notes. Bless my ears~~ The other songs were amazing too. My favorite is "Rain" but you can't sleep on Rap Monster's intro "Who Am I to You?". So much angst, boy. "Tomorrow" is Suga's masterpiece. Watch it live, you won't regret it. (Purchased by Onie during her visit to South Korea)


Hwayangyeonhwa Part 1
Kicking off the amazing Hwayangyeonhwa series it this mini album released in 2015. It comes in two version so we bought both. This is when BTS really hit the jackpot. Not surprising too considering the planning that goes into this album. It seems like they have been hinting on the release as early as their debut album back in 2013. Though some might call it stretching a bit. Officially they hinted the release during the 2014 year end award ceremony. Bold! And very clever. The title song departs from their previous release. "I Need U" was melodramatic, can I say? While the follow up song "Dope" was simply dope. God damn it, Big Hit! Thank you. Thank you so much from dressing Jeon Jungkook in a police uniform. (The pink version was the first purchased we made and it was by Onie. The white version was purchased during her visit to South Korea)


Hwayangyeonhwa Pt.2
A very successful follow up album to a very successful mini album. Instead of donning shorts, they opt for something longer and tighter for their "Run" stages. Those tight leather pants could choke a fangirl in a heartbeat. Although the title song was a major success, my love goes to "Butterfly" which they teased in the Prologue video. And House of Cards was probably one of my favorite track of the year. Just like Part 1, Hwayangyeonhwa Part 2 comes in two version, pink and blue. Of course we bought both! (Purchased by me (finally!) from an online store.)


Hwayangyeonhwa Pt.3 : Young Forever
Baes, again with the shorts? Please.. Do you have some weird fixation on showing of your calves and knees? Okay, coming back to the album (sorry I was distracted by the visual). Young Forever marks the end of the Hwayangyeonhwa series. Their title song "Fire" is the thing of legend. If you don't get goosebumps at mark 3:33 of the official MV then I don't think there is anything I can do to get you to admire these group. Fire was an anthem. The chorus was easy to follow and the hook was just so memorable. The track list was the answer to ARMY's demands. All the amazing remix from Part 1 and Part 2 was included. And they even release the full version of "House of Cards" much to my delight and early demise. Part 3 had a very short promotional period, thus no follow up song although they did perform "Butterfly" and "Save Me". I want to talk more about Save Me and how playful it is with the music arrangement but I'm no expert so I guess I'm gonna stop there. Staying true to the series, Young Forever comes in two versions; Day and Night. And like all dedicated buyer, we bought both versions. (Purchased by me from an online store)



Oh you think that's over? Think again. Apart from buying the albums, we try to buy most of the official merchandise. I'm more interested in the special DVD like the season greetings and the concert DVD since it would be quite hard for me to attend one. Onie has been eyeing on the ARMY Bombs (our official light stick) and the character dolls so she bought those.

Hiphop Monsters
(purchased by Onie)

(Purchased by Onie)

2015 BTS Live : On Stage DVD
(Purchased by me)

 BTS Now 3 : Dreaming Days Photobook & Special DVD
(Purchased by me)

So far that's it with our haul. I'm ordering another special DVD ; BTS Memories of 2015. Special DVDs are very limited editions. I'm kinda regretted it a bit for not buying the Season Greetings because unlike the albums, It's kinda hard to buy the special DVDs once it's sold out. They don't make many of them you see. I don't think they produce extra batch once it's sold. We also don't buy the Japanese release so far because we are more anxious to get the Korean releases.

I'm thinking about buying a display rack for BTS but I'm moving out in August so right now I'm just packing these treasures in a box. 

It doesn't fit. Boohooo.. 

What do you think of our haul? And do you buy/collect anything on an insane level or do you reject the idea of spending money on things like this? Thank you for going through this entry. Last but not least I just wanna say that it feels so rewarding to buy these merchandise from your favorite artist, kpop or not. Fandom life has been amazing for me and I know it is something that many frown upon. But then again, who are you to stop me from spending my hard earn money? Bye, Felicias..


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~

CAFKL Haul Part 2

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Hi guise,

Selamat datang ke Part 2 pengembaraan CAFKL. Pursuant to my visit to CAFKL3 on 29 May 2016, I'm gonna write about my haul. Tahun ni tak banyak rembat sebab aku tengah sengkek. Anyway, seperti biasa, memandangkan entry kali ni takde komik, aku nak warning je. Kalau korang datang nak baca komik je, boleh la nak slow-slow pandang tempat lain. Takde komik. Aku tak sempat buat, baru balik dari kampung.

Fanikatun by Ahmedfani
Masa aku duk melilau kat cafkl hari tu ternampak zine ni. Aku tak pernah jumpa pelukis so masa aku nampak Ahmedfani aku nyaris-nyaris nak panggil dia nama arkitek kat ofis aku. Nasib baik rambut dia lain, kalau tak aku dah tersilap orang dah. Anyway, pasal zine dia pulak. Fanikatun adalah antara siri komik yang sangat aku gemari kat Facebook. Idea dia padat dan luar kotak. Aku suka style dia yang bersahaja. Topik dia luas dan tak semestinya kritik sosial. Aku nampak lebih kepada finding something funny amidst everyday life. Bagi aku la ye. Pendapat aku. All and all Fanikatun memang santai dan menjentik otak. Elok sangat kalau nak rembat, rembat semua lima-lima ketul.

 Kita Kawan by Aku Napie
Bila aku pergi mana-mana comicfest, aku tak set sangat nak beli komik mana sebab aku rembat mana yang berkenan time-time tu jugak. Dan antara komik yang aku rembat sebab love at first sight adalah komik Kita Kawan ni. Ada orang tak suka tengok kertas kuning. Aku pun sebenarnya. Tapi lukisan dia atas kertas kuning ni rasa nostalgia sangat. Yep, style lukisan pun macam yang aku baca time zaman kecik-kecik dulu. Komik ni tema dia kritik sosial. So kalau kau jenis mudah sentap, mungkin amik masa untuk hadam. Tapi memandangkan komik ni sealiran dengan Buasir Otak, I feel right at home. Pulak tu ada short paragraph lagi kat sebelah dia untuk borak lebih dalam lagi mengenai isu yang cuba diketengahkan.

Aku Engineer by Topek

Komik ni gigih betul Ankel Jonni lobi kat aku. Siap suh amik gambar dengan artis dia sebagai bukti perjumpaan terbabit lol. Memandangkan Topek request for review, meh sini nak review kaw-kaw. Hahaha.. Takdelah.. Aku ni kalau ikutkan bukan level nak kritik komik orang. Pulak tu komik aksi bukan genre favorite aku. So I'll write my honest review on this masterpiece as a reader and comic enthusiast instead. First thing first, idea komik ni sangat unik. Komik ni berkisarkan watak si Engineer yang kena survive di post apocalyptic world. Ok-ok aku taknak bagi spoiler lebih tapi protagonist cite ni adalah manusia biasa yang jadi luar biasa sebab semua orang di sekeliling dia jadi super luar biasa. Hahaha ko putar alam apa ni, Day? Siyes kalau nak tau, go get a copy of this comic. I highly recommend it especially if you like action comic.

Artwork dia cantik. Bagi aku komik ni selesa dibaca sebab biasanya komik aksi ni overfeed the visual sampai lost part content dia. Yang ni personally aku rasa balance. Tak terlalu serabut dan cantik background dia. Komik aksi kan, haruslah terer buat artwork yang fluid dan dinamik.

Satu je yang aku rasa kurang selesa mengenai komik ni iaitu penggunaan dwi-bahasa. Komik ni komik bahasa melayu tapi ada menggunakan bahasa Inggeris untuk penerangan sesuatu istilah. Bagi aku tak perlu terangkan istilah tu dalam bahasa inggeris sebab grammarnya sedikit lemah. Kalau nak guna jugak, sedikit penambahbaikan haruslah dilakukan dari segi grammarnya. Mungkin appoint seorang proofreader? 

(Yang ni je komik yang aku betul-betul review. Dua kali aku baca komik ni sebab nak review lebih tepat. Huhuhu)

Makan-makan Malaysia by Akasumi
Aku takleh menghalang diri dari beli komik comel ni. Komik ke zine? Aku agak tak reti nak beza. Anyway aku beli komik ni sebab suka tengok artwork dia. Vibrant colours, cute illustration. Although it doesn't really represent all Malaysian foods (we got tonnes) it does highlight some of the yummiest. First time aku beli illustrasi si Akasumi ni. Mungkin kalau jumpa lagi siri lain pun akan aku beli lagi (bergantung kepada ketebalan wallet sebab sedikit pricey)

Doctor Strange will be coming to theater soon so as a homework, I bought two copies of these. I know it's not enough to feed me the necessary info about Doctor Strange but meh.. who am I kidding. I was impulse buying.

Anyway, this is my third year going to CAFKL. I must say, it is awesome to see so many indie artists. It was overwhelming to see so many talents in one place. Kalau tak minat nak beli pun, window shopping pun shiok. These are some of my purchase from previous years. Oh comic Trilog tu beli kat Comiccoaching Course.

Cero, ni je haul komik aku. Tak mampu nak bukak library lagi. Hohoho.

Tu jelah kot. Aku mintak maaf kalau ada kekurangan untuk entry kali ni. Aku lost sikit. Hahaha.


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~

p/s: Mesti ingat takde gamba dah kan? hohoho.. Ada.. jap-jap.


Nak amik gambar sama-sama tapi macam kalut sikit time ni.

Satu-satunya yang berjaya snap gambo sama-sama. Nah Ankel, dah kutunaikan janjiku. Jarang ley nampak Taufiq wal Hidayah dalam satu gambar. Kehehehehe~

Ok, Sekarang baru betul-betul Adieu.


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