How to Woo Part Two (Female Edition)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hi guise,

So I got another interesting question on my previous entry..

For the highlighted in red. My answer to your problem is..

Lelaki yang beku hatinya sebelum kahwin mungkin juga beku hatinya selepas kahwin.. Or maybe he's just not that into you.. Or maybe, he's gay.. There're so many possibilities..

Please don't do this to any guy.. literally or figuratively..Figuratively, ripping someone's heart out is never a good idea. Don't flirt if you are not into it.. Literally, ripping out hearts is down right sadistic!Plus, boiling a human heart would only make it harder to chew.. (just something I know from a movie. I'm not a sadistic heart ripper you weirdos!!)

I don't know how to help. I'm not a love guru. But if you really want to woo a guy, be different than the other girls. Loose your 'gedikness'.. Be thoughtful, be elegant, be somewhat expensive and limited edition..

Poyonya bagi nasihat bab mengorat orang.. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.. Aren't you forgetting something? I'm single with a serious case of social deprivation.. And you ask me for dating tips..LOL


P/S: Yup, I'm using a tablet, Wacom Bamboo Fun..It's awesome! 

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely..] .


  1. hahaha!!!!!!!!! kejam gila...
    sian ke Kei.. apa laa mu nie..

  2. Kei is an immortal.. Weyh, gane nak baiki gigi depan aku yg rongak ini??

  3. kalau da beku sampai bila2 pun akan beku.. seriusly.. mcm tak ada perasaan tp bila xomething happened pada org dia sayang baru dia tau.. nanit

  4. suruh dia minum softlan sampai hati dia lembut!!

  5. rendam juga dalam downy...barulah lembut dan wangi..ahahaha :)

  6. horror habiss.. =A="" sebek darah kei hitam.. XD

  7. hahaha.. ley tahan sadistik jugak pembaca blog ni.. Nak-nak yang pompuan ni.. Macam ada pengalaman patah hati.. Hahahaha

    Biskot, darah Kei hitam sebab pen merah abes ink.. LOLOLOLOL

  8. tag:

  9. maaf deeday
    tgk link ni ye?

  10. macam mana nak sopankan seorang perempuan yang diminati?

  11. kejam kejammmm... haha.. always awkward comment when its a love-related entry


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