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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hi guise,

So it started with my sister posting this photo to our Whatsapp group. At first i was like, "Heh, this kid sure has a lot of time to waste for doing something useless like this"

[My sister Cauda, she copy herself with a photostat machine. What a dork. ]

But when I get to work today, I had this sudden urge to do the same weird thing. Hilarity ensues. I present to you, my masterpiece.

It was so dirty. But hey, that white stuffs you see is from my scanner. The photo comes out like an awesome photo shoot. With a dork as the subject matter. It even captures my enormous nose and the filthy blackheads.

[This one is my favorite.. ]

I shall frame these and hang them on my wall.. Yes.. 

Sorry for posting a weird entry today. My head is wired differently. I am a bit cuckoo inside.


p/s: I should stop pasting my face on social media.

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

That's Hot.. [Part Deux]

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Because I like to overplay the theme..

Hi Guise,

Sometimes charm works mysteriously. How is it that the simplest thing can be considered charming? Am I over-romanticizing things or are there some truth in these? Ingat tak entry aku yang lepas pasal reverse kete tu? HAHAHAHA. Aku rasa mungkin aku sorang je yang akan setuju ngan benda-benda cani.

Ntah la. Aku tak tau. Yang pasti, kadang-kadang berbunga jugak. These are the list of things I find charming in guys. It's okay to disagree with me. I don't have that much romantic experience with guys anyway. Heck, it has been almost 4 years since I last seriously dated a guy.

Exhibit A
When guys run fingers through their hair. Plus point if they put on a snapback afterwards.

Exhibit B
When guys roll up their sleeves.

Exhibit C
When guys volunteer to pick up your coffee/order from the counter. And then he serves your coffee, smiling. Hahaha. Apasal aku terbayang scene K-drama ni?

Exhibit D
When guys just stare into your eyes, seemingly getting lost in your gaze.

Exhibit E
When guys pull your chair/stool closer to them while you're still sitting on it. (Respectfully)
This last bit is actually my favourite. It's like he's proving his dominance over you. Plus, when you're overweight like me, it's impressive if you can move me at all.

I like to contradict myself.. guys are creepy..

All and all I think that guys are charming when they don't plan to impress you at all. Being mindful is great but being comfortable in your own skin is the most charming thing ever. Be confident. Girls dig confident guys. I'm sorry if I offended some of you when writing this because you know, some people hates these kinda thing. Mushy things..


p/s: I bet my balls some will say something about maksiat in the comment section. Oh wait, I don't have balls. Please proceed.
p/p/s: Sorry about the quality. I was rushing..

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

Gender War

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tajuk hari ni sepatutnya "Entry untuk Buat yang Jantan-jantan tak Selesa. Ko Bukan jantan? Ko Pun Akan Rasa Tak Selesa Jugak" tapi obviously tajuk tu panjang sangat so scratch that shit.

Hi guise,

Miss me? Don't be.

Sebagai mukadimmah aku nak remind korang pasal latar belakang aku. Aku seorang perempuan yang cuma ada adik-beradik perempuan. So aku agak tak terlatih untuk bergaul dengan lelaki. Berbeza dengan adik-adik aku yang lain, abah aku especially treat aku lebih jantan dan perkasa which explains why I am the only one whom he ever asked to help around his workshop. He's a welder btw (for those who didn't know). So kerja-kerja berat ni agak sinonim dengan aku. Disebabkan ini jugak aku treat kawan lelaki aku lebih kurang aku treat kawan perempuan aku except aku lebih gentle ngan pompuan. Meaning, I usually see guys as an equal, not as some possible breeding partner. In some cases this might differ. These special cases would involve me being way too flirty for my own good.

OK back to the story!

Ditambah lagi aku sekarang kerja dalam dunia lelaki. Dunia lelaki? Aih sexist nya ko Day. Apa, ko ingat ko sorang jeke engineer pompuan? Aku tak maksudkan camtu. Cuma karier aku ni lebih didominasi oleh kaum lelaki and understandably why. Sebelum apa-apa aku nak bagitau, ini bukan sesi mengeluh pasal kerja macam entry lepas.

Bila kau sorang pompuan dalam office yang semuanya lelaki, things bound to happen. Bagi yang cepat flustered dengan benda-benda macam, dipersilakan melarikan diri daripada membaca entry ini. Kalau nak teruskan membaca, baca la dengan fikiran terbuka and treat is as a joke. To me it's funny so don't be an ass by saying something like "Eww pompuan ni.. Takyah cita la benda camtu. Tak malu ke?"

Ni kompilasi cerita yang berlaku di office aku sebab kadang-kadang abang-abang aku ni lupa yang aku ni pompuan dan kadang-kadang aku pun lupa yang aku ni pompuan di kalangan jantan-jantan kat sini.

Kisah 1

(Aku dah tak ingat cite apa yang lawak sangat sampai aku kena tumbuk.. Aku tak korek idung depan diorang.. Ni khayalan saje..)

Kisah 2

(Aku rasa diorang tak heran pun tapi bila aku pikir balik aku jadi malu sendiri)

Kisah 3

(Ni pun aku rasa diorang tak heran pun. Makanya, pakai la sport bra kalau dah tau nak kena berlari anak. BTW, berlari-lari di tapak pembinaan adalah sangat bahagia bahaya dan tidak dibenarkan.)

Kisah 4

Aku terdelete komik ni. hahaha. Lahabau.Hahahaha

Kisah 5

(Kantoi adalah sangat memalukan..)

So tell me. Salah aku ke bila diorang lupa nak treat aku as a lady? Ataupun sebab aku lama sangat bergaul ngan bapak orang sampai aku sendiri lupa nak behave as a lady? Maaaaahhh,, aku perlukan rakan sejantina.

How comfortable are you with the opposite sex? Share it on the comment section below. Ejewah dah macam youtuber bagai.


p/s: pergh lamanya tak post komik.. Malas tu obvious sangat. hahahaha

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!


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