Dream Keeper Part 1

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hahaha.. Confident je letak tajuk Part-part bagai.. Macam rajin je nak sambung..


Hi guise,

I give you two pages of an experimental short comic. The first page, as you can see, just the same as the one I posted yesterday. Shading was done using pencil and I did a minor touch up. Entirely, conventional drawing.

The second page however, is a mixture. And the shading is made using Copic marker. Final panel is fully digital. So there you go.. Can you see the difference? Personally, the digital drawing is way neater. Tapi penat gila nak setel satu panel. Tak macam lukis direct atas paper. Hmm.. Mungkin aku patut combine lukis digital ngan conventional. 


Until Next time.. Wait for the next part.. Tu pun kalau ada.. BAHAHA..


Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

Comic Making and Stuff

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hi guise,

Sesi regangan jari jemari..
Aku sebenarnya tengah experiment buat komik secara tradisional, resepi turun temurun. Bahah! Maksud aku, bukan digital la.. Hand drawn ..


Tekan dia kuat-kuat agar dia membesar.. Maksud aku tekan gambar tu kalau nak image yang lagi besar. Kasi clear.. sikit?

Sebelum korang komen, meh aku komen dulu.

First of all, I found it tedious to edit the scanned material. Maybe because I'm not that familiar with the editing tools to remove the grey mask from scanning. But, relatively, it's faster to do it this way. I always feel that digital drawing is straining my eyes and neck. Lukis direct kat medium memang awesome nak berbanding tangan duk canting tablet, mata tertacap kat monitor. Sungguh penat! Plus, when drawing it directly onto the paper, there's a certain style to it. It's rough, it has personality in it. I kinda miss making comic conventionally..

Bahah.. That's my two cents. Sebenarnya tengah pilih style lukeh ni. Gigih pulak aku duk ngadap benda ni kan? Jalan cerita dah ada.. Mungkin aku akan post kat VB once dh complete? Biasanya mungkin aku tu lebih ke arah tak mungkin la kan? Hahahaha. Sabo jele..



Personally, I love it so much.. The roughness in it. Free.. I could never recreate this digitally.. Not the same flakiness.. That imperfection which defines your drawing style. Ejewah, bajet kaki seni pulak. Bahaha!

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

Empty Straws and Drinking Habit

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hi guise,

I'm actually working on two comic posts right now. I'm getting really slow these days. Sebab nak kaler skali kan. Heh, tu la. Rajen sangat. Tadi duk godak-godak, terjumpa satu komik yang belum post. Rasanya belum post kot. eh yeke? Agaknya la..

I don't even remember the original write-up but I think it went something like this...

Everyone has their own favorite way to consume their favorite drinks. One of my favorite drinks is Vitagen. Yang putih tu. Lazat sangad. I've read once how Obefiend would consume his bottle of Vitagen by sipping it and leaving a bit of the liquid by the tip of his tongue to really savor it. I don't know. I'm recalling what I've read years ago. Don't take my word for it.

Anyway, my way of drinking them is a bit not so lady like. Since I lived alone previously, I would use only 1 straw and just poke the bottles one by one while they're still in a pack. And I usually finish them off in one go. Like this.

Courtesy of Google image link

I actually copied the style from this drama because, dang, that's the most convenient way to drink Vitagen. I mean, why didn't I think of that? Freaking genius!

The point is actually, you don't really care how you behave when you're alone. I was a mess before my housemate join my den of craziness. I'm a mess still but at least I try to behave in front of my housemate? A bit? I guess?? Okay, maybe I still behave like an alien. Lisa, I hope you would understand why there are so many unused Vitagen straws in the fridge. Teehee.. Old habit dies hard..

That's it. I'm off to my drafting table again. Good night. Have fun with the weirdness within you. I believe in you. Weird for the win!


Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

The Annoying Koala

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Hi Guise,

I think by now you are aware of how much negativity I have in my mind. I don't usually share it with people because it is troublesome. But when I do open my mouth, i find it hard to stop. Macam paip air pecah.. Semua kasi keluar.

The problem is, people tend to be annoyed by that. I want to say that I would try to keep it to myself a bit but I don't I know how. There's no stopping it. i will pester your life with my never ending drama. That's what you have to pay being such a good listener.

An actual snippet from my WhatsApp convo with Yus. yeah, I pester her alot.

Padan muka dia. Sape suh kawan ngan aku.


p/s: Aku dah join Tapastic. It's a great place to read indie comic.

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!


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