My Own Colour

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hi Guise,

My mind is a lonely place. Sure it provides me ample distraction to stop thinking about how much being an adult suck. I seek refuge in this tiny grey box I have for a mind. Sometimes, when I spend too much time on my own, I crave for companion. It gets boring talking to yourself. You know what you're going to say. You know your word won't hurt you. And you know even if it is hurtful, you will be okay with it. 

Loneliness is a void.. It gets so empty that I just can't stand it's emptiness.. And so I create a door, hoping that someone would enter. Sometimes I get lucky, they'll come. Bearing these amazing colours of thoughts and stories. 

Sometimes they get too colourful that I feel uncomfortable. I need to escape..

Sorry for the lousy Gif..

When they don't want to go away, I retreat into my grey box. Where I can feel safe, warm and free.. But it's lonely there.. How can you be free while you're confined? Is it weird that I only feel like myself when I'm all alone? Is it wrong to be your own person?

This is what I feel about my artwork..

I want to be free.. I am comfortable with whatever colour I am. I'll admit that your colours are magnificent beyond doubt. It might even be what many people is aiming for. You have so many colours to choose while I only have grey. But I'm fine with it. Please don't paint me with your colour, your definition of how art should be.. I don't mind being mediocre. I don't mind my artwork is just a lousy artwork. As long as it's mine, unconfined, free.. i'm happy with it.

Some people might love change. Some people might rush to evolve. But I am perfectly okay with being stagnant.

So please.. Understand that I want to be confined in my grey box..

Just please.. Let me be..

I'll grow at my own rate..


P/S: Crazy kejar deadline so I won't be posting anymore comic for a while. Unless kalau dah gian sangat.
p/p/s: Annoying gila gif ni. Ni last aku buat gif.. Unless kalau dah terer buat gif power nanti..

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!

That's Hot..

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Let's take a break from the new (unconfirmed comic series) and go a step back.

Hi guise..

I don't know if you notice this..

Girls might..

Some boys might too..

Who am I to discriminate?

A while back I was in the car with my new colleague. He's a graduate engineer fresh from UK. He's handsome and funny as hell. (He even understand my taste of humor in Monty Python). But of course I don't have any fluffy feeling for him. Even when I don't have any special feeling for this guy, I could easily find him attractive.

You know that simple gesture some guys does when they're reversing the car where they would put their hand behind your seat, turn their head around instead of using the rear view mirror and then just reverse using one hand. I find that super attractive. Like phew.. 

Our exact conversation back then was:

Day: Are you doing that to look cool?
The Dude: Do what?
Day: You know.. Reversing the car like that..
The Dude: Nah.. I just don't trust the reflection..

And then he just chuckled and flowers bloomed around him like in the Japanese manga. Hot damn..

Let's be clear.. Not that I fester any feelings for him.. But that is hard to handle. Take note guys.. This is very important..


And I mean, always reverse your car in that manner when you're trying to score a chick. If you have the parking ticket with you, bite the card while reversing.. Double kill..

Pew pew pew!

Bullets to the heart..


Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!


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