False Alarm

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sorry guise.. False alarm.. that picture is not supposed to be posted here.. At least not now.. Not in this entry.. Maybe Next time.. I accidentally posted this one.. It was meant to be a draft..spoil the surprise.. shit

Since dah terpost.. Apakata aku umumkan pemenang Give away hari tu?

Antara yang join (in sequence of submission):

1) Zexta's  Walk In My Shoes

2) Cik Pensil's Kerana Pensil

6) Lee Kun's Double Life

Thank you kepada yang sudi join.. actually ada sorang lagi join tapi sebab dia tak post kat komen section, aku rasa cam tak adil lak kalau lepas..Sorry masu sayang.. owh..

Anyhow.. Meh nak umumkan.. pemenangnya:-

1st Place: 5) Hime's You're a Beauty I'm the Beholder
- I like your blog suggestion..and I like your blog.. simple..

2nd Place: 2) Cik Pensil's Kerana Pensil
- Love it.. Bcz I love it

3rd Place: 1) Zexta's  Walk In My Shoes
-ehey... kamu...

Hime-chan, please send me details for your header.. You can also give it to another blogger as a gift (oso can a? Can as long as you give me sufficient info)..And, also.. state your personal favorite entry from your blog..huhu

As for the other winners, congrats.. Will work on your gift soonest possible (regardless of the technical problem I'm having now)..

Kepada yang tak menang aku nak ucapkan terima kasih daun keladi for your support.. Sayang you ol ketat-ketat.. Ahah..

Ok.. Tu je..Aku harap hujung minggu ni sempat siapkan semua hadiah.. hehe


Kalau suka, komen. Kalau tak suka, komen gak..Kalau taknak komen, nah! tekan benda alah kat bawah ni..Penat adik aku ejas kasik muncul.. .


  1. kalau tiada A,B,C dientri.. ini mesti K. :D

  2. yeahh dapat header :D thanx beb, hope u enjoyed the blogs linked

    aku nk request header theme putih biru cair boleh? :">

    and personal post yg aku suka as below..

    1. terima kasih banyak2 dan teruskan melukis~

  3. ohh ... hehe . terima kasih :)

  4. tahniah kepada yang menang..! ^^

  5. aku tak join la..promote je.. ==!


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