Lyrics Translation Challenge: Nur Kasih by Slam

Friday, September 28, 2018

In case you haven't know, I'm a sucker for good lyrics and as if I haven't made myself clear, I'm a sucker at language though I've never been that good with either. So I'm gonna challenge myself doing a translation for some of the songs I found lyrically intriguing. It's gonna be bad but my kinda bad so eh. The song is nice too.

Nur Kasih {Light of Love} by Slam

Bukan aku tak cinta {It's not that I don't love (you)}
Pada mu semakin kurela {For you, I'm more (than) willing}
Kaulah satu di dunia {You're one in the world}
Tapi kau tak mengerti {But you didn't understand}
Getaran rahsia hati ini {The tremor of the secret in my heart}
Masih ada kucari {I'm still looking for something}

Kau anggap aku berseloka{You thought that I was joking}
Dan asyik dalam misteri {And that I was stuck in a mystery}
Mencari nur dan kasih Nya, pasti {Looking for God's Light and Love for sure}

Akhirnya engkau curiga {In the end you were suspicious}
Katamu aku berdusta {You said I was lying}
Memperduakan cinta {(that I was) unfaithful}

Mentari di tangan bulan {Sun in the hand of the Moon}
Kau serah di genggaman {You put (them) in (my) palms}
Tak kuhirau karna Dia {I ignored (it) for God}
Relalah aku korban {I'm willing to sacrifice}
Andainya satu hukuman {If it's a punishment}
Kau tinggal diriku {You left me}
Tanpa satu pengertian {Without understanding}

Dan sebenarnya cinta kita {Truthfully, our love was..}
Hanya cinta sementara {..just a temporary love}
Kan hilang jua dibawa arus pawana {(it) will eventually be lost with the passing of the wind}
Cinta pada kuterpandang {Love at physical beings}  lit: kuterpandang: things that can be seen =physical being
Kan pudar nafas hilang {Will fade when (I) die} lit: nafas hilang: lost breath=final breath
Hanya Ia menantiku di Azali yang suci {Only God is waiting for me in the holy hereafter}
Mengertilah kau sayang {(Please) understand, Love}
Kita harus rasakan  {We have to feel (it)}
Ke alam tiada mati {to the afterlife} lit: alam tanpa mati: land with no death = afterlife
Dan kita seabadi {And we will (be there) forever}
Dan akhirnya engkau kucup oh tangan ku {And finally, you kiss my hand} *Kissing one's and is an act to show respect/submission, usually towards older people

Marilah ku bisikkan keramat kasih ini {Let me whisper this sacred love} *I believe sacred love might refers to a promise or a vow made to the girl considering the context of the following sentence.
Biar menjadi nadi {Let (it) be (our) heartbeat}
Rahsiakan kalimah ku {Make secret of my words} *keep my promise a secret
Hingga ia menjadi tanda {Until it became a manifestation}
Hidup mati bersama {Life and death together}
Hidup mati bersama {Life and death together}


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