Second Paper Coming, One result Out

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hye guise.. Aku tak patut post blog time-time darurat exam ni. So, yay!! Aku post jugak!!
Paper Reinforced Concrete Design hari tu sangat menarik. Sangat menarik sampai aku rasa aku nak amik lagi subjek tu sem depan. Ekekekeke..Oh, result TECS dah keluar. Tapi aku malas nak check. Nanti ada duk banding-banding result dia lagi terer la apa la.. Cam ada la sorang tu.."My English is also not as good as you despite getting band 5 in MUET"..

Yup..Rub it in my face I don't know what to call her.. Yela, MUET aku band 1.. kekekeke

Esok paper Civil Engineering Information System. Yeah, what the hell is that? Siyes aku tak paham sebab apa kena belajar subjek ni. Maybe nak tambah prospek masa keje??Maybe~~ Ni subjek menghafal. I'm gonna need every single space in my brain to get through this one..Don't worry baby.. If it's too dangerous, I have a hidden card to help. Tadaaa!!!
wear Hipster Nerdy Glasses to look smart..
Mine doesn't look like this..So the effect might be different.

Oit, jangan kutuk..Don't underestimate the POOwaaH of Hipster Nerdy Glasses.. So esok, campak la calculator canggih tu bawah katil, bawak spek tebal je. He's the last trick you can pull off for tomorrow's paper..


Anyhow.. Good luck to everyone who's sitting for exam tomorrow. Greeting from Forever Nerd Land.. I wish you a jolly good time studying for finals. 

p/s: HOHOHOHO.. Result TECS..tunggu lepas final ye kamu..

Kalau suka, komen. Kalau tak suka, komen gak..Kalau taknak komen, nah! tekan benda alah kat bawah ni..Penat adik aku ejas kasik muncul.. .


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