Grand Prize for Ohime-Sama

Friday, February 01, 2013

People of the blogsphere.. I present you..

FYI, Hime-chama.. If you want to adjust any part of the header, please feel free to do so. Since I'm posting this on my blog, I just don't want any irresponsible blogger to steal it from you. You may erase the yellow 'stamp' on your header.. I really don't mind..

And this is a comic dedicated to you and your lovely family. Sorry for any missing detail.

Thank you for participating!!


Kalau suka, komen. Kalau tak suka, komen gak..Kalau taknak komen, nah! tekan benda alah kat bawah ni..Penat adik aku ejas kasik muncul.. .


  1. naisssss thank you soooo muchhhh

    i love the kimono XD

    thanx thanxthanx deeday!! will update my blog header!!

  2. @hime Glad you like it

    @merah geram? Awok ni.. Kite pom geram tengok artwork awok.. hihik

  3. cantik woo style lukisan camtu


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