It doesn't grow on tree

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hi guise

Yep.. My biggest problem today.. I got no idea what so ever.. My brain is having a fart orgy.. Can't seem to get it work on something meaningful.. So I came out with this shitty sketch..Any idea guise? I hate to lose my post streak.. 

Kei is not much of a help either..he's dying somewhere..

Why won't ideas grow on trees? Why? Why?

On the side note,

Kuroshitsuji akan ada live action. Did you hear? SUPERB!!! Hiro Mizushima lak tu yang akan jadi Sebastian Michaelis.. Ok, otaku-spazzing from out off nowhere..

I still think that it's a super-duper-great news though..


p/s: My family is coming to visit me at my new home. So I can't really promise an update.. I hope I will update something.. I would hate to stop doing this on daily basis..

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely..] .


  1. ape tuh? kurojitsuji? macam penah dgr somewhere... =,= nok balik............

  2. Anime la semek.. Balik laaaaaaaa... Jangan lupa shopping jeans dulu. hahahaha... Dan jangan lupa stock up anime baru..

  3. aik.. x masuk ICU ke budak Kei tu?

    oh, ari tu kata nak buat bacaan Yaasiin kan bila family datang?

  4. Yeah.. Kei tak lama baik la tu.. muntah darah sikit baru la jantan..

    Baca yasin tu insyaallah..

  5. I super like Hiro Mizushima, even he's not single, haha

  6. @Ssan I like Sebastian and he is forever single.. if demon is your type..kekeke. Hey you, welcome to my blog

  7. Day been reading ur blog since day one! hahahah br dapat wahyu utk komen!Me love love love Kuroshitsuji !!!!

  8. baru habis baca kisah kei tu dr awal.. hehe.. kei dying..? eh, awk lukis guna apa ni? sgt cantik keseluruhan lukisan awk..


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