The thing about being over protective

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I am a jealous type. I get jealous very easily. I am a bit protective. What's mine is mine, no sharing. You want to be mine, you might have to forget everything about your social life with any other girls. Especially the younger, exuberant juniors and those best friends who are eager to be a part of everything in your life. I won't tolerate that. I never have, I never will. I might as well let you go rather than to be mad at you for hanging out with such people.

I am self centered, I am vain.

I love to win..

I am clingy..

So before you think you could handle me, give yourself a minute to really make up your mind on coming into my life. I don't take U-turn.


'Jom keluar'

Aku pandang skrin handphone.. Nak keluar ke tak?

" Sape tu? " Kei jenguk dari belakang..
" Ada la..."
" Baru kenal?"


"Baru kenal ke?"
" Lelaki ke?"
"Hmmm.. Yeee"
" Dia suka kau ke?"

 Aku jeling Kei.. Eeiiiihh... banyak tanya..

" Mungkin.. I guess so.."

Kei amik handphone kat tangan.. Delete semua message dari beliau.

" Dah.. Takyah dah pikir. Kan senang"

I am Kei.. And she is mine. Back off..


Haaaaihh.. Kan best kalau ada orang yang tegas cakap camtu pasal aku.. Oh ye...Bila aku rimas nak buat keputusan, kadang-kadang aku ambik jalan mudah and ignore it altogether.


p/s: Gila la tunggang langgang drawing fes tu.. Apasal dada senget sebelah? Hilang nafsu jap

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely.. .]


  1. sibuk jaga tepi kain org kan . hoho

  2. itu protective sgt.. rimas gila.. hoho.. kdg2 perlu tapi jgnla spjg masa..

  3. macam terlalu kongkong ja..tak best la macam tu..terkongkong..

  4. @cik pensil @$feet8 @Nal
    Orang yang terlampau protective ni penyayang sebenarnya tapi rimas.. wuoohh

  5. protective tu ok.. tapi over protective tu psycho namanye. hoho~

  6. jgn la down cpt sgt..=)..nk tgok hasil awok lagi

  7. Most of the comments are quite misleading.. Hehehe.. Anyhow, do enjoy the comics.. No matter how insane they get

  8. do something about your jealousy, overprotective and clingy. yes, being overprotective, jealous, clingy also means u love someone so much but it also means that you are selfish and don't care what your other half think.

    you will save a lot of unnecessary stress on your bf and less stress on yourself. besides, lots of guys don't like clingy, over jealous and over protective gf.


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