the new look, the same old me

Sunday, November 14, 2010

me so like this new look of me pet..
me blog is me favorite pet you know!
thanks to my friends yuyu for all the hardwork..everybody clap clap!!

nah..aku sediakan sedikit halwa mata untuk pembaca tegar blog to my friend cik yuyu!!!

personally...this is my favorite

ok vespa buruk...dah ada rupa baru..hehehe..make over abes cam tuan kau jugak..i love u my pet!!!

upss..KEMBANG kat umah.. i still luv u..don't marah-marah me hokey?

haha,,lawak a muka cik kembang ni..

p/s: what do u think of the new look? pinch me in the comment section okay?


  1. nseb ko ske.. ahahaha, tak sbr ak nk dgr papadom ko complain! yosh~ hik2.. tq coz tag ak kt entry kli nie! :))

  2. officially papadom cakap..umm..ok la..lawa la dr ari tu..jeng jeng~~
    aku suka tag orang..

  3. xde la bese sgt..nice la jgk..nicer than b4,,i mean nicer than b4 yus tkr la..hehehe..

  4. Cool layout! Nice one darling ^_^

  5. papadom@ that is exactly the point there..haiyya

    izatie@ nice can?i'm so in love with this one

  6. wuttt?did i just typo up there?
    it's not can its kan..hehehe..

  7. xyh tkr2 udah okey...wuuu..

  8. t'kelu lidah nk bg comment~ haha


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