saya masih seorang kanak-kanak

Monday, June 07, 2010

hi ye all..
topik hari ni..saya masih kanak2 yg sudah terlebih thing for sure according to my IC (legit ok..) i'm 21 years old...the numbers are quite big but deep down i'm still a kanak2 ribena.. which come to a conclusion that i still need my toys to fill my day with laughter..wait...why so sudden i'm becoming miss mek kedondong london celup?hohoho..

back to the topic ( belakang ke itu tajuk)..saya mmerlukan alat permainan saya which is...ten tenenet tenten!!!
my levono lalim!!!i mish my lappie so much..and ofcos i mish my mushie2 goodie2 broadband...huuuuuwaaaaaa~~~guys...please...cepatlah kembali ke pangkuan ku...kesunyian tanpa boy should be jealous of you because it's really itching of not having you around while i'm fine about being so far away from him..oh..gosh..lalim..i don't mean it that way..

"BAM!!" (bunyik pintu kena hempas..)

oh well..there goes my loving bebeyh..k la..nk cakap simple je..i mish my blogging activities and watching shitty videologs on youtube..snap!aku mmg dh jd internet whores..huhuk..asal ayat aku cm longkang semacam je ari nih? i'm not such an innocent kid after all eyh?haha..k la..bai..nk pg pujuk balak kayu jati ku..

lalim!!!jgn la maraaaaaaaah~~~


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