Happy Birthday yus

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hey Yus..

Happy 25th birthday.. Belatedly..


I can be a very bad friend sometimes.. Ok.. most of the time..

I didn't even get you an empty box as present..

Oh well..

Adieu.. i guess..

P/S: Yus is taking commission request. She does photography and drawings. Check her Facebook page for info.. [CLICK HERE]

-Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely. And don't forget to click the ads -


  1. Hahaha, idea baru tu kasi hadiah kotak kosong utk besday kawan...hehehehe

  2. hahahahha... apa punya turrrr

    1. biasa ni.. biasa buat perangai lahanat cani

  3. hahahha sian yus... dulce menagerie?


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