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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hi Guise,

I did a speed colouring video last week and I forgot to post it. Basically it's just my technique for Copic colouring. It's not much but I hope you enjoy it.

I was saying " You know, the sound is really freaking me out so I guess I have to go and lock the door first".

I shot the video at 1 am in the morning if I'm not mistaken and I heard repetitive knocking sound from upstairs. I always thought that it was just in my mind. You know, my mind trying to scare myself and shit. So I talk to myself so that I won't get so scared. But when I play back the video, I heard the knocking very clearly. And you know, it's creepy kot! Apehal main ketuk-ketuk lantai pukul 1 pagi?

Anyhow, malam ni dia duk mengetuk-ngetuk lagi. Which remind me to post this. So now I post it. You can't hear the knocking since I've fast forward the whole thing except for the last part and my obnoxious accent. Anyhow, motif post ni.. Awak yang kat atas tu.. Kot ye pun seronok sangat, jangan main ketuk-ketuk lantai tengah-tengah malam buta boleh tak? Kita takut la..


p/s: Sorry again for the accent. I truly hate it. i don't know why I talk like that. Maybe because hours before shooting the video I was mocking some funny video on the Youtube and the accent just got stuck. Dah la macam trying too hard. What ever.

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  1. kejap jek vid tuuu?? nak lama lama lama lagiii...heeee..
    hmmm, accent ok jek..! sounds like Ausi gitew..ehe..XP

    1. Tunggu aku post digital drawing punya video lak eh. Huhuhu..

      Fyi, I don't speak in Australian accent, mate. I speak fluent manglish and sometimes substandard american accent. Warghh.. I suck at doing accent..

  2. Hmmmm....
    are you sure itu bunyi ketuk2 lantai?
    Mana tau itu bunyi kaki katil terhenjut-henjut menghentak lantai...
    Alaaa, bunyi aktiviti di waktu malam tu...

    1. What Cero? Hahahaha.. advance betul ko ni. Although I'm not an expert in that particular activity, I'm pretty sure it won't sound like what I've heard. Hahahaha.. aku duk gelak lagi ni.. rhythm dia lain.. hahaha.. siyes cero ni. Hahahaha.. lawak..


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