Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is an addendum to previous post. i know things that we posted on the internet would never go away.. And now i feel so embarrassed. I wanna dig a hole and stay there. This is shitty.. Only after my head is clear from those taunting comments which thought directed to me, i had an epiphany..So I would like to announce that I'm sorry for thinking that those people are bullies. They might just responding to my friend who happens to be an engineer too. they might be messing with him and not me.

but i stand to my advise. do not cyber bully!

-Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely. And don't forget to click the ads -


  1. Ok. yang ni kelakar. kakaka. chill jer. semua org pun pnah jadik ter-perasan. termasuk yang tukang komen ni. lulz

  2. hahaa don't sweat it Day, after all we are all mere humans ;3

  3. Kiranya aku termissed sesuatu arr ni?

    cmon day, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, kan?


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