a dream comes true

Monday, August 15, 2011

 hi peeps.. so, i've been so demotivated these few weeks so my parents gave me my forever dream gadget, Wacom Bamboo Fun Graphic Tablet to cheer me up!!they're the best parents in the whole world..i'm so happy that my cheeks almost burst due to excessive happiness..gyahahaha..

so here i'm menunjuk-nunjuk my new gadget..bite your fingers..kya!!!

Bamboo Fun!!

honestly, i'm so in love with this..

so, bila dah sampai umah, unbox la apa lagi..


sakit mata ni duk main dari tadi..seriously it's not as easy as i thought it would be..

so i'm bad at using this new gadget..but worry not, i'll grit my teeth until i master it..huhu

this is my mom..she's the reason behind this present..thanks mom..i'm so grateful although i feel a little bit guilty for getting such a special present from you..(that's my annoying guilty look..kehehehe)

but then my mom had her own blissful moment at Digital Mall..
we met Jehan Miskin.. He's not that tall peeps but definitely not bad looking..

OK la..i just wanna say that i've been through a lot lately so if you think that i'm rubbing it in your face, please forgive me..it's not my intention..just a little appreciation towards my parents' effort to help me get through rough break up..so there you go..i'm a spoil brat, and I'M LOVING IT!!!

p/s: thanks for reading this entry
p/p/s: yes, i'm engaged..



  1. tahniah cik deaday...for being enggaged and tablet kesayangan..muahaha...

  2. yahahaha..thanks 4 the congrat

  3. day,rindula ke mok mu!!!kem slm!!

  4. halamak dah engaged... tak sempat ngorat T_T

  5. @eencyweency : ke aku x rindu ke?ceh.. ;-p

    @dorkyguy : kyahahaha

  6. best la dapat bamboo tu(jeles). penah guna yang adik punye. senang gile nak lukih, kalau pakai adobe photoshop lagi syok. mula2 memang susah tapi lama2 jadi fun. so selamat berkarya. suka tengok dayah lukis. masa sekolah menengah dulu xtau plok dayah suke melukis. keep it up!

  7. thank u jannah..nak improve lg..huhu, harap-harap la tak sia-sia beli mende alah ni..


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