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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

-A prompt-

She sat there, caressing the wrinkled hands. She hummed in between sob. Her heart felt heavy. 66 years passed by in a blink and it was time to say good bye to each other.

Kay kissed the crown of Val's head. Her once golden locks turned grey with time. Val smiled weakly. Her eyes glistened to the far horizon. She ran her fingers on Kay's ever youthful fingers. There was not much time left.

"She'll be here. Hang on", Kay said, kissing her knuckles.

The sun was almost setting and with every blow of the wind, Val felt like her soul swept away with it. But Kay held her shoulder tight, head rested on the crook of her neck. Faster now, Kazu.

Kay spotted a lean figure running towards them, red roses in her hand, shoes on her other hand. Kazu was looking vibrant as ever. Her bangs was damp because of all that running. She dropped to her knees when she reached them.

"I'm sorry. I can't find the yellow ones" she said biting her lips as she stopped herself from crying yet again. Val smiled. All she did was smile and the tears came gushing from her two youthful friends.

"I think it's time" Val said weakly. Her breath hitched.

"Don't say that. " Kay wept.

"He's been waiting for me for so long. I can finally meet him again." she replied.

Kazu cupped Val's face in her trembling hands. The face has aged like how everyone should have. But there sat Kay and Kazu, untouched by time, youthful in their twenties. It was said that you can't age without a soulmate. Val met hers back in 2013. She had lost him in 2063. She loved and lived with him until they turned grey together. Cedric died of old age. To which Val had never recover. Her friends' love kept her alive for seven more years but her heart couldn't take it anymore. She longed for him. She missed him.

Kay and Kazu never had anyone. No one to call soulmate. But Val was close to be one. In their eyes, Val will forever be their golden treasure. Val's breath grew desperate. Kazu showered her with kisses. Kay was frozen in despair. She felt Val's body slumped heavier onto her and with a whisk of evening breeze, Val was no more.

They cried so much that day. Their heart was so broken that they stopped seeing each other for a long time. Val was buried next to her lover together with their friendship.

They next time they met each other, Kazu was already a grey woman, resting against her equally grey husband. She too was ready for the next life. Kazu kissed Kay's cheek, tasting the salty tears on her youthful skin.

"I'm so worried about you" she said and Kay chuckled in her cry.

"Say hi to Val for me. Tell her I miss her so much"

"I'll tell her that"

And that was goodbye. Kay kept on living. Looking for the other half of her soul in hope to grow old and meet her friends again.

(In an alternate universe where people keep on living as immortal until they find their soulmate to grow old together)

Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~

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  1. Aah so this is the kind of universe that makes sure death doesn't appear before marriage, for everyone. Everyone would have somewhat equal opportunity to meet their soulmates during their 'prime time' and get married before death comes knocking. Hmmm... interesting ;3


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