Day in India: The Rest of It

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hi guise..

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So by now, I'd been so tired with everything. The long journey.. The unforgiving honking. So while in Delhi, I only managed to draw two pages of journal. I hate the shirt I wore when we went out for sight seeing. I hate that my anxiety was at a dangerous level. Yeah, I was so close to slapping someone. Maybe it was not anxiety. Maybe it was anger issue. Whatever it was, Delhi was challenging.

And I'm uploading everything this time. Good luck to your loading time and have fun reading my handwriting without the write up.

Ok abeh dah azab

Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~


  1. Yaaaas finally the long-awaited closing entry to your India travelogue is available for my eyes to feast upon~ THANK YOU for your hard work, monamieh~ Omnomnomnom! X'3

    Kakakaa... "Never leaving Malaysia ever again".... kononnn! X'DDD

    1. Ok ok I might be ready for my second trip now. The problem with being broke though..

  2. Ada penulisan yang aku skip sebab aku ada banyak kerja hari ni nak settle hahaha. tapi overall aku enjoy baca. lukisan memang aku teliti, rasa mcm tengok gambar betul. tapi gambar last tu memang buat aku gelak besar HAHAHA. Travelling memang exhausted and boleh buat cranky. India ramai orang miskin sebab tu mereka 'terpaksa memaksa'to gain some penny.

    1. Bila aku baca balik travel log aku, aku rasa macam snobbish gila. Aku cranky.. Bila aku cranky, aku kejam.. hahaha


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