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Monday, October 10, 2016

Beng's Artwork.

Hey Guise!

So I had an eventful weekend.. Let me tell you a story of How I Met Musa's Mom..
Pada awalnya kitorang takde la rancang sangat nak jumpa sebenarnya. Duk borak pasal art supply kat group chat pastu tiba-tiba poof! Ok jom jumpa.

I wrote about the meet up in my journal so why don't we just get straight to the juicy bits. Shall we? (Worry not, I type them in the caption so that you won't have to read my hideous handwriting. I do some proofreading too. It's not gonna be perfect but it'll do) 

I'll post a separate entry for the Artfriend raid and the latest price tag so stay tuned, k..

(Faye's Artwork.. Pretty! Pretty!)
8 October 2016
I don't remember the exact time I stepped into Artfriend but according to the chat log, it must have been around 1:00 pm. I spent some time snooping around the aisle before Faye showed up, clad in dark shirt, sleeves rolled to his elbows and snapback covering his hair (Hmm.. Am I curious about the hair? I am). He is this tall guy with glint of brilliant eyes, curiously lurking around Copic-Sakura aisle (looking for me).

I knew it was him from the moment he turned back to greet me. I think we said hi in our heads because the first thing he said to me was "Where's the pen?" (referring to Sakura Micron Pen I've been spamming on the group chat.)

We carried on raiding the place until our hungry tummies gave us away. Oh and the staffs were lowkey staring at us for staying too long. Hahaha. When we headed to the Chicken Rice Shop, Faye's friend Intan joined us. Oooo.. How I loved her scarves. Pity I didn't get to snap a picture of it. Later on, my mysterious friend joined us for lunch and after a session of I-Wreck-Your-Journal, we went back to Artfriend. LOL.

9 October 2016
OK.. This is going to be a long story. So yesterday I went to meet Faye. We were accompanied by our respective friends; Intan and Mystery Guy (we'll call him Mystery Guy from now on). When I asked Faye about Intan, he denied that Intan was Ben. I was a bit suspicious (more than a few times to be honest) but I am a gullible person so I chose to believe Faye.

The day ended splendidly and when we got home Mystery Guy texted me asking if I believed what they said about Intan being non-Ben-person (lol, what kind of sentence is that? Die la)

I said I didn't think about it too much because Faye denied it a few times. But then Mystery Guy pointed out Intan's faded henna which was similar to Ben's (from a photo she shared on our group chat). Yeah, Mystery Guy was a very observant guy that way.So Sherlokian. Oooo~

I asked Ben later that night about the henna theory but again, she denied it (even went as far as surprised to know about Faye bringing a girl to our meet up). She asked to meet me the next day.

I said "YES! Of course"

So the next day, at about 4pm, I drove to IOI City Mall to meet them. (Ben told me that she was going with Faye). During the confusion with our meeting point and the relatively new place, I saw Faye by the fountain, standing next to........(drum rolls)... You've guessed it.


And at that moment I realized, yup, they got me. They truly did. Intan was indeed Ben and I felt like hiding out of embarrassment. Sure I was a bit mad at first but more than mad, I was actually relieved to finally meet Ben in actuality. An I was so sorry for not talking to her more yesterday. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know 'Intan'. You see, I'm not good with stranger and I assumed Intan was a stranger.

They both apologized profusely for their naught. I don't know. Maybe because I was (and still am) a simple person, I just laughed it off. Oh well, this is absolutely going to my journal. Thanks for the prank, Ben and Faye.

And congratulations, Mystery Guy. You were right all along.


So that was the story of how I got played by these two naughty full grown children. To tell you the truth, it still feels like a dream. I've befriended them both for quite some time now. So when we finally meet, it was not as awkward as I thought it would be with exception of The-Intan-Incident of course.

I had my suspicion. The name Intan was the biggest clue. And I did text Ben when we're having our lunch together. I failed to catch Intan replying to text or anything. But then again Ben was also quiet the whole afternoon. The thing with me is, when I decide to trust a statement, I will ignore every doubt I have which was exactly what I did with Faye and Ben. Not that I'm upset about it. It just shows how gullible I am among friends.

It was all fun and game. Yang pentingnya aku dah jumpa Beng! Hahaha. Ada gambar lagi. Since I don't have the permission to share their photos, I'm gonna keep them with me for my personal viewing lolol.


You should be.


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~


  1. Nak jumpa and lepak-lepak dengan retis jugakkk.. TTTT3TTTT

    1. Lee!! Aku rasa lama dah aku simpan angan-angan nk jumpa ko. Arghhhhh

  2. Heheeh okayh I was expecting something like this to appear on this blog... kewl update on the eventful weekend ;3

    Syioknya Artfriend turrr, nanti ni aku nak kena skodeng gak situ next time I'm in keyell ( - w - )...

    1. Kau.. Satu hari nanti aku akan drag ko ke keyell~~

  3. Aaaaaaa~~~~ best! best!!! Teringin nak jumpa ben, faye dan day jugak. Huhu...

    1. Amna selalu buat meet up dgn pengkarya kan? Kena buat appointment klau nak jumpa amna ni. busy je manjang

  4. persidangan ahli kelab lemah matematik dan gadis mencuci.
    bae, aku akan ajak kau lepak lagi. wajib :*

    1. Hahahahaha gadis mencuci. Siot ahh Faye.. Dah dapat label baru..

      Kena cari tempat best utk melepak. huhu

  5. i think i know who is tht Mystery Guy. no shit Sherlock!
    bencinya. why lah aku stuck up kt penang with no fun at all.
    no artfriend, no bookxcess
    all it got is Abam Apam. and he is out of my league.

    1. Aku agak dah ko boleh agak sape Mystery Guy agaknya. hahaha.
      Zyra klau ko turun keyel bagitau. Ngelepak jom

  6. No mystery guy on the second event.
    Mystery guy must be so sad to be left out.
    Poor mystery guy!

    - Mr Ree Gai

    1. Wow! This is offensively rude.
      How about I call you 'Lesbo' for a change?
      Still think it's funny?

    2. Now now kids. Let's not go for each others' throat.

      >Mr Ree Gai : Hmm I never thought about that. I hope Mystery Guy doesn't take offence on that one. Ben asked for a meet up privately. I can't just bring up other people when the appointment was made so privately between us three. The first meet up was announced in our general group chat so I guess that was understandable.

      I guess I need to apologize to Mystery Guy next time we meet.

  7. Perghh!
    Dapat jumpa Ben & Faye.
    Lucky Mona is lucky :)


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