Picture Boys We Want So Badly

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey.. Hey.. Can you hear me screaming your name in my mind?
Hey.. Look at me now..
You're just beside me but I can't stop missing you. I just have to keep telling myself that you are here so that I won't go crazy over missing you so much..

Mode: Listening to Panic at The Disco "All The Boys"..
Picture girls we want so badly
Isn't she a dream come true?
Closer now...
And closer still...
Then it's closer to her
Til she knows you're there

p/s: Jangan salahkan penulis yang kadang-kadang ada hormon nak jiwang karat
p/p/s: Truthfully.. I miss you, damn it!

-Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely. And don't forget to click the ads -


  1. oh ada rupa mcm perangai kucing aku... hahah ;3

    1. Taktau ke aku ni jelmaan Neko dalam badan manusia? hahaha

  2. tumpang jiwang karat... hehehe..

  3. tengok gaya macam ada rope gaya akak miza. Arghhh dia suka main sentuh-sentuh. Tapi bila dah berjauhan seriously rasa rindu teramat sangat :'(

  4. hahaha.. sesekali jiwang karat apa salahnya...


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