A Special Kind of Fairy Tale

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hi guise..

Are you familiar with fairy tale like Snow White, The Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and such? Rasanya semua orang pun pernah baca kot. Paling tak pun tengok kat wayang. Tahun lepas Snow White je dah ada dua adaptation.. Red riding hood tahun sebelum tu (recall : Amanda Seyfried and that gorgeous GORGEOUS Shiloh Fernandez).

But do you know that the original version (at least the oldest version) by Grimm Brothers is slightly grimmer?(Ada ke comparative grimmer? Then superlative = grimmest??) Pardon my grammar.. What ever..

Back to the topic.. Do you know that in some of the earliest versions of Snow White, the step mother is actually Snow White biological mother? I guess people hate the idea of a mother killing her own daughter out of pure jealousy.. Hence the "change". Satu lagi part yang dibuang dari the more modern/censored version of Snow White is that at the end, Snow White commanded her step mother/mother to put on a glowing hot iron slippers and dance at her wedding. Pretty cruel right? Mungkin sebab tu kot people prefer the kinder ending, happily ever after..

Sleeping Beauty lak a little bit appalling. Dalam versi yang kita tahu sekarang, bila putera tu cium Sleeping Beauty, magically Slepping Beauty terbangun dari sumpahan tidur dia tu. But in the earlier version she did not wake up after the prince kissed her. The prince waited until he cannot wait anymore, and driven by his lust for the beauty, he raped her. Sleeping Beauty only woke up when she was about to give birth. The pain of giving birth woke her.. In another version she woke up after her infant son sucked on her finger which removed the poisoned flex from the spindle (korang tau kan citer Sleeping Beauty yang dia tertidur lepas tercucuk spindle tu)..

Cite-cite ni banyak diubah untuk sesuaikan dengan budak-budak kot. Taknak seram sangat. Tapi ada satu cite yang sangat-sangat-sangat grim sampai aku rasa tak ramai yang tau ada fairy tale ni.. Kalau yang tau pun mesti tak best nak ingat..

To be continued....


BTW, yes, Kei was wearing a facial mask..

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  1. aku tak tau pun yang Snow White original version macam tue punye sekali grimmer... nak kena check balik nie...

    1. read the original version. cari buku brothers grimm complete fairy tales ke... jgn cari kt bhg budak2, mmg x jumpa citer asal. x pun wiki je.

  2. oh...baru tahu hal ini. paling teruk sleeping beauty kena perkosa. oh ......

  3. like seriously.. pergh mmg cruel ah ori version die..

    Br tau.. huhu

  4. Kawan aku ada citer pasal ni..
    dia ada buku asalnya kalau x silap so aku taula sikit2..


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