Is it time?

Friday, March 15, 2013

She smiles a lot lately. She laughs at the smallest things.. Her cheeks blushed at the mention of his name..

Maybe it's me.. I'm irrelevant..

That's why she didn't notice..

I won't complain though. Nothing makes me happier than to see her smile.

So I think, maybe..

I just have to leave..

I won't ask for her to be sad again. That I have to come back. But if she wants me here, I would like to be in her heart, enjoying the thing she loves. Living the life she dreamed. Anything would suffice, if only she would stay as beautiful.. Smile a lot Day.. Just be brave.. I have your back.. Take a leap of faith and go..

Good bye then, dearest you..

I wish that I don'y have to come back..

(Day: It hurts my chest writing this as Kei. It really does. Farewell Kei. I won't miss you. You're a good companion. Thank you for patching up the damage. Thank you.. )

[Sedang menjeling ruang komen setiap seminit.. People.. come on.. I'm lonely..] .


  1. sama mcm sy..tgh buat kerja sempat menjeling blog..tgok komen rakan2

  2. why must he go?? izit time?? time for what..??

  3. Poor Kei.. TT^TT
    Does he really hv to leave? sad..sad..

  4. Glad u happy..tumpang berdebar sama tuk esok..gud luck!!! Jgn lupa cter...

  5. salam..
    actually i dont know what it mean..
    nothing i can say..
    look like my heart is aching too read about this..

  6. baru tahu cerita sebenar.. sob. T3T

    *mjiwai perasaan kei*


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