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Sunday, February 27, 2011

so i've made a promise to myself..whenever i'm feeling down and out of place, i shall think of something bright and happy..

i have loving parents.. my mum is a writer and she loves listening to my problems eventhough sometimes i tend to hide them from know, being emo and stuff, not quite a thing you wanna share with your mum. she's very supportive. not many people can have their mother as their friend but i do. and she's one of my best friends.

my dad is my hero. he'll always be there for me. i love him so much. he owns this welding workshop and loves to have me around and bugging him all the time. it's just how he shows his love to me. he's a loving husband. eventhough he might be harsh sometimes, but we all know that he loves my mum in every way a man could love his lover.

my sisters..they're unique in their own ways. onie's is the geeky one, the religious one and of course, the hope of the family. she'll be studying in india and i know i'll miss her with all my heart. cuada is the social one. not in a bad way. she just knows how to be around people, something i wish i can. she's photogenic too. And Nabelle is the cool one. she's barely 10 but she's so matured for her age. she started drawing a few years back. i bet she'll be lot better than me in three years or so. everybody in the family agrees that she the genius of the family. yeap..we'll see about that in the near future.

so what about me?
i'm not grades are fine, i'm doing great..i have supportive friends.. i play english proficiency is satisfactory.i can draw cartoon and according to my friends i'm quite good at it..i'm a GAMUDA scholar which not many malay girl is accepted to be be honest, i do think some parts of me is cooler that most people..

so that's it..don't be sad dear happy.. you're doing great..don't be depressed..don't hurt yourself..


p/s: entry kali ini adalah untuk memujuk diri sendiri..bukan untuk mendabik dada..

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