milkyway is milky you know

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

di tempat kejadian, [bilik Sherry]
aku tengah sumbat burger ayam special cheese. muka berkerut nikmat makan burger best papadom beli. sherry duk baca buku traffic. dyana kat katil tengah buat latihan.tiba-tiba teringat lawak kat FB pasal alam cakerawala. terus pandang Sherry dengan muka teruja. pum pang pum pang cerita..selesai..

[aku] amazing isn't it? we're just a tiny dot, insignificant to the universe we're living in.
[sherry] true..true..
[aku] can u imagine, somewhere out there alien exist? the milky way is big enough for that u know..
[dyana] what? did u just said chocolate?

aku ngan sherry pandang Dyana, pastu aku pandang sherry, sherry pandang aku.terdiam kejap.

[aku] i was talking about the milky way my dear..
[dyana] yeah..i know right.. it's a brand right? for chocolate?

oh dyana..we love you..

p/s: takde topik menarik nak post


  1. i know this story!! bru je dgr td... so blonde. haha

  2. yea right..that's why i love her..blonds are funny!!

  3. whatever la u guys.....hahahaha...actually its just a tipu story...i know just made that up...and u know that.kan day? kan naz? :)

  4. want some choc dear?


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