Insecurity Through Overconfidence

Tuesday, June 09, 2020


Tajuk pun dah cukup nak menerangkan the whole shebang.. From my observation, the loudest people on the internet tends to be the most insecure individuals. They had to mask their insecurity by being loud on internet. They had to advertise their disgust towards everybody else and hide behind "truth hurts" banner.

Kat twitter, insta, facebook or even blog, riuh cakap "I don't give a fuck, I don't give a damn." Their voices are always on a loudspeaker about everything and anything. Kiranya akulah yang terpaling woke, terpaling vocal. Sekali jumpa kat luar tak berkutik pun. Pandang orang pun takut-takut. Apo? Kata combative.. Konon "I said what I said". Takkan normal conversation pun takleh nak hold for more than 5 minutes? For a so-called intellectual, you really don't have that many intelligent quips to share with your sheep minded followers. And of course, those same gullible followers are the one you shit on the most.

I get that some people are introvert. But being an introvert doesn't give you the license to be an asshole online. Pantang ada je topic apa-apa, dia la yang paling laju nak bagi komentari. Almaklumlah, dah nama pun Edgelord, haruslah paling edgy, paling sinis, paling pedas. This is the internet; if you can't handle some negative comment, stay out of twitter. Ecewah..

So I get that this might be a bit hypocritical because I'm not naming names, but if you think this is directed to you, maybe you should go through your post history and see for yourself of how big of a bigot you are. A scared bigot hiding behind your online persona because that's the only thing that makes you feel relevant.
The real you is just a little kid behind a screen



  1. Haha ramai dah jumpa orang macam ni. Acah-acah. Lagi satu aku menyampah dengan orang cantik upload selfie dengan caption yang muka dia buruk. Attention seeker much? Heh

    1. Hahaha.. itu memang teruk punya insecure. Kalau orang balas haah memang buruk, tau pulak sendu.. bajet kena cyber bully, lol


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