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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Terkadang kat Insta aku ada buat *free draw.

(Free draw kat sini tak bermaksud aku draw free hand.. on second thought, yes it does mean that as well but in this context it just means that I draw for free)

In all honesty, the reason why I host such event is to get free reference without the attached responsibility of drawing too fancy. If you don't charge, people can't actually criticize you, can they?

Tapi alhamdulillah jugak la, dari sesi lukisan percuma ni, ada la beberapa orang yang berminat nak tempah lukisan dari aku. Cuma aku dari dulu sampai sekarang tak reti nak set harga macam mana. Nak set mahal-mahal nanti tak padan dengan hasil. Tambah lagi dengan kemungkinan dimaki bila lukisan tak jadi.

I'm interested to know a stranger's opinion on this matter; from both artiste and consumer point of view. This is what I've drafted so far. I've been reluctant to share this on Insta for many reason but blog is my safe place so I'm putting this here for now:-
This is my quotation draft. And these are the free drawing I made so far:-

So yeah..



  1. Weh nice and bagi aku harga tu okayy. Or maybe should be lil bit higher? Eh entah. Aku takkan pernah boleh faham kesusahan melukis hehe. Nak tempahhh hehe

    1. Kalau Okay bagus la.. Huuhu.. Kalau serius nak tempah nanti aku bukak commission slot ye Nad. Tapi aku lebih aktif kat insta kalau bab-bab announcement ni.

  2. Nice! Alright dah commission rate ko pada aku for that level of complexity. And if your clients specifically ask for a more elaborate illustration of their portraits, kasi up lagi harga tu sekali ganda. My opinion only laa hahah...

    1. Klau elaborate sangat biasanya aku reject je terus. HAHAHAHA


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