Accumulation of Hate

Monday, January 08, 2018

Hi there,

Let's have a rant session on a Monday morning. During the weekend, something happened on instagram. As most of you know, I am more active on instagram these days.

So what happened was, one aspiring comic instagrammer posted a screenshot of this guy accusing her of copying another famous comic artist. Now this is not the first time she heard such accusation. Many of her loyal followers supported her by leaving positive comments on her post. Things got quieter for a bit. And suddenly she posted another rant saying that she's quitting drawing comics. At first I was like, "What?? Because of that one comment yesterday??"

Oh I was wrong. Rather than on the instagram, she received another not-so-nice comment on her Facebook page. To some the comment might not seem so much but to her, after her being vocal about it on instagram many times before, it was the last straw. Some commented that she should have just ignored the guy. That he did nothing malicious. That it was just one comment. Heck, personally, I once had the same opinion.

But then things got deeper. It's not just one comment. There were like three similar comment calling her unoriginal, that she copied others. Though done in the most playful way, the motive was clear. And mind you, she had just stepped out of a long hiatus due to, you've guessed it, those same comments. She had since settled the differences between her and the commenters. They posted an apology to her which she had accepted. However, she would still be quitting comic instagraming.

Now what I want to highlight is not about those three people that drove a talented artist to an early retirement (it's her wish not to press the thing further) but rather on the issue of thinking that it's okay to send hate comment on a whim.

Hate comment is never okay. And thinking that it is harmless because you only posted one comment is wrong. The thing is, you think that it's just one comment but the receiver is receiving tonnes other "only one comment". If everyone shares the same logic that one comment is harmless, can you imagine how many more hate comment is going to pop out? Hate comment is a collection. Even one comment from you, no matter how trivial, is going to be lump together on a scale, everyday growing until the receiver had enough of it and quit.

So my advise is this. If you don't like something..
Ignore it.
You hate someone for no reason other than pure hate..
Block him/her.

If you dislike something, just stay away from it. Pack you thing and leave. Just leave and don't look back. burn all your connection with it. Be free. When you are free, it would be easier to not leave a hate comment.

And if you think you can't ignore it, just face it. Respectfully voice out your opinion. Settle things once and for all. And after that, leave. Never return.


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