Wish Granted

Friday, December 22, 2017

Hi guise,

We are nearing the end of 2017. I feel like the year went by especially fast this time around. Today is actually my last day of work for 2017 because I am taking a week off till new year. I want to end 2017 with a positive note.

My small achievement this year is to tick everything on my wishlist. I don't remember when I set that wishlist but no matter.

Look at those beautiful checked boxes!!

I had my Wacom Bamboo ticked from the inception of the list. My mom bought it for me years back. It brought colour into my life. A drawing tablet is probably the best thing my mom had ever bought me. Well.. the car too but that's an old story.

I didn't buy the PSP. At that time I thought, hey PS3 is better. But I kinda regretted it a bit now because I can't take it everywhere with  me. Still, PS3 has been a great addition to my entertainment arsenal.

I had always wanted to own a bean bag. A big one that can fit two grown adults. I bought one last month. It was nothing like I expected. My sister probably loves it more than I do. My favorite thing to do with it is to drag it to the veranda at dawn, iced drink in hand, get sunk into the bag watching the sunset.

Back then I wanted a smart TV. Idk why but the idea stuck with me. I guess I wanted my house to feel more homely though I'm not particularly keen on watching one. Instead of a Smart Tv, my dad gave me a flatscreen. He said he didn't like it for what ever reason. The TV is in a bad condition now. Maybe I need to buy a new one.

The last one is my biggest wish. I wanted to buy 22HD but due to price hike, it seems impossible to own one. I settled for 13HD. It did make a huge dent in my account but so worth it.

I'm drafting a new wishlist. Having a wishlist helped me focus more on what I want. It can me tad bit motivational at times:-

1) A drawing software
To be exact Clip Studio Paint. I've always wanted to legally own a drawing software as a way to support the developer. I had my eyes fixed on Adobe Photoshop. But Adobe's license is on monthly subscription basis and it is SUPER PRICEY!! I settle for the next best thing. Though I had my bias back then on Manga Studio (Now rebranded as Clip Studio Paint), I do think that the software offers the most in term of comic making. Easy dialogue placing, toning, you name it. I placed an order for CSP Ex last week. Hopefully it will reach my hand in perfect condition by next week.

2) New Fridge
My current refrigerator has served me for 5 years. The light is no longer working. It's too small for three people. I'm planning to get a new one by April. Hopefully I can get the best deal.

3) An Ipad Pro
I just want one. Just because. But I don't know when. I haven't had any plan on how to buy one. Idk. We'll see how it goes.

4) A bed
You might think, "why ..bed is the easiest thing to get". They're not that pricey. IKEA has a few cheap ones. I already have a mattress. Bed shouldn't be a problem, right? WRONG! Do you know how hard it is to find a SUPER SINGLE WOODEN BED? You don't. It's hard! And pricey. So, yeah.

I might need to do some research because I don't have an idea on what more to get. Oh well. That's it I guess



  1. Seronok kan bila dapat tick wish list!
    Still have a week before 2017 really end and hope we end it beautifully <3

  2. Congrats monamieh! Looking forward to see more of your artwork, this time with clip studio paint as your atarashi nakama (new comrade) ;3


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