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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dream is fascinating. I oppose the idea of prophetic dream. No dream can tell what tomorrow's gonna be like. But I do believe in dream being the mirror to the caster's state of mind. Dream brings out the deepest feeling one can have, especially fear.

Last night I had a terrible dream.

My boss was mad at my department. Due to a mistake by one of our team members, he sacked us all. Not only that we got fired from our job, we were forced to go back to secondary school. What made it worse was that it was a private school and the teachers were incompetent. Thinking back, I don't think I saw any teacher at the school. It was like a prison. We were gathered in one room, wearing the typical school uniform waiting for something. No books, no teacher. We sat there with the other kids doing nothing. So I decided to ditch school and beg for my job back.

Escaping the premise was more difficult than I thought. Nobody was chasing me but there was a constant feeling of looming danger. I managed to escape, leaving a few who followed me. I went to mamak nearby because it's late in the evening and nobody was at work. Suddenly my husband came and sat next to me. (Yes, my husband. I don't know why but that's just how dream works. If it tells you that the guy next to you is your husband, he is your husband). He said something I couldn't recall. The last thing I remembered was me shouting on top of my lungs, "But I have a Degree!!!"

So what do we derive from this dream?
1) I'm in constant fear of being fired and that my credentials are no longer valid for the industry.
2) I couldn't stand triviality and nonsensical situation; sitting in a classroom not learning anything
3) I need someone to sit with me in public, talk to me

So those are my current fear..



  1. Oh wow.. I've never analyze my dreams like you did but somehow, it's a good think to derive it.. I should try this..

  2. Ah yes, nightmares. That horrible realm where our most recent achievements and qualifications mean nothing. No shit...

    Aku rasa ko perlukan a nice vacation... by the beach maybe? Stay kat mana2 chalet terapung ke... heheh ( "^ w ^)

    1. setuju dgn pendapat ko.. go vacation & happpy!!


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