The State of Relationship

Thursday, October 26, 2017

You know how telling your facebook post can be?

They are meant for you to express yourself, yes. But you can be more tactful about it. Honestly.. How bad is the communication between you and your husband that you need to tag him to a Buzzfeed post to let him know that you feel under appreciated? Can't you just tell him during one of your mating ritual? 

"Abang, don't look at other girls because it makes me sad" instead of tagging him to "10 things you do that breaks the heart of your loved ones".

Fucking talk to your spouse! You share bed at night for God's sake.

Ohh.. your spouse is cheating on you? Sure.. give us all the details.. All the whatsapp screenshots.. Sure, subtext all you want. "Perempuan tak ada maruah adalah perempuan yang tahu orang tu dah berbini tapi still nak menggatal dengan laki orang". "Dah ada bini tu buatlah cara ada bini." Post everything every hour because we really want to know how you end up divorcing your spouse over the internet. Cheers, mate.

And not everybody want to watch every cesarean operation you can find on Facebook. We get it. You had cesarean. Yes, good for you. You're a brave woman. "Hargailah pengorbanan isteri anda". God damn, what kind of man you marry that you have to remind him that you had his baby in the most metal way every day? Why don't you just print the snapshop of the gory fest and paste it all over your bedroom. I bet that's a good way to slow down the sex life. But hey.. I don't know. Your man might get hard looking at those things. Who knows?  

And oh good Lord. Don't let me start on people who shares Kamasutras on Facebook. Why? Yeah. we know, you guys had sex. Sure. But do you have to advertise how kinky you want your sexual adventure to be? Talk to your spouse!!!! Not through Facebook. But face to face. "Hey lets fuck like crazy tonight". You're married!!! Go nuts about it. Just not on facebook. FUCKKKKK!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder. Are you married only on the internet? Your sex life, your labour, your scandals, your fights.. Even your sorry attempt to cook.. Sure, post all the singgang photos you took. What a great cook you are. Everything had to be documented on the facebook. From the day your husband successful marries you with one lafaz, until the day you had enough and post 10 pages worth of luahan hati on Konfesyen-Rumah-Tangga-Page-whateverfuckthatis.. Tell everyone everything. Because your married life is so interesting oh my god.

The worst thing about all of this is you can't unfriend these people because it's gonna awkward on the next family reunion.



  1. Lately ni ada sorang pompuan yang glamer jugak la kat Internet jaja cerita rumahtangga dia gaduh dengan laki sampai nak cerai. Dia cakap dia kena cerita kat public supaya kisah dia jadi pengajaran pada perempuan lain. Pada aku dia just nak play victim supaya orang lain judge yang penceraian tu bukan salah dia.

    1. Motif untuk play victim pun ada jugak... drama sangat...

    2. Dia mungkin try nak validate apa yang dia buat tu betul. Padahal dalam penceraian kebanyakan salah dari dua2 belah pihak. Nak jugak libatkan public sebagai referee masalah dalam kelambu diorang. Tak reti malu ke weyhhhhhh..

      Pengajarannya kat perempuan lain, kalau tak sedia nak jaga maruah perkahwinan, jangan kawin.

  2. people nowadays, semua kena canang bagitau orang

    1. True.. Canang bagai nak rak. Bila public komen, katanya jangan menyebok tepi kain orang. Dah kau pun terang-terang londeh kain sendiri kat khlayak ramai, hadaplah attention yang mendapat. Makanya, setel masalah laki bini ni dalam bilik je. jangan libatkan orang lain.

  3. ...mating ritual. LoL! X'D

    Ada juga jenis tak cukup lagi merepek hal personal lakibini kat fb, kat status whatsapp pun nak bubuh jugaaak. Lel... motif sangat. It's like, there's no escaping the obnoxious drama as long as you're connected to yinternet. They just have to shove their shit into your face or else they'll go nuts.

    1. Orang yang betul-betul bahagia dengan perkahwinan diorang takdenya nak hebah lebih-lebih. Ni ada benda tak puas hati bawak ke media sosial. Kalau tak mau takleh tido gamaknya. Apa dia ingat kisah dalam kelambu dia tu slot drama melayu petang-petang?

      On serious note. I do believe that you share your most intimate moments with your spouse. What's up with not being able to just be truthful with each other after being literally and figuratively naked in front of one another?? Tiap-tiap malam tido sebelah-sebelah, nak cakap apa tak puas hati pun payah. Seriously..

  4. Maybe most of them kawen sbb ikut trend? Omg aku dah 24 tahun kena kawen ASAP walaupun diri blm sedia. Then lepas kawen dont know what to do besides fucking. Oh btw, post in page rumahtagga is my laughing stock, hahahahah

  5. kahkahkah. exactly whats on my mind. sebab tu aku decativate FB berabad dah, sebab people are sick! haha


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