Goodbye, Kembang

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hi guise,

Tanggal 11/11/16, Kembang, our family pet has passed away.

Kembang dah tua sangat dah. Kalau nak kira umur dia pun aku tak ingat dah bila dia lari dari rumah lama dia pastu join duk ngan kitorang. I was the closest to her back when I lived with my parents. After moving out for matriculation, I was no longer her favorite sister. Adik aku yang kecik tu kawan baik dia.

She loved Nabe so much. They played hide and seek together. Talk to each other. Sleep together. It went like that for a while. When Nabe had to go to a boarding school, Kembang was left at home with Umi and Abah. She missed Nabe dearly. Mom told us of how she would eagerly jumped at Nabe whenever Nabe came home on the weekends.

We knew her time was near. She was so old. So weak. She had lost most of her weight. We knew that we were going to get that call from home about her death. But my sisters and I (Cauda and Onie) had less than a week to get home and we were updated through the Whatsapp about her declining condition.

"Kakak, Kembang dah takleh bangun. Badan terketar-ketar. Bukak mulut nak makan pun tak boleh"

I was worried but I prepared myself for the worst, it's her time to go. She's so old. So weak. It's almost her time. We had Nabe updated us on Kembang's condition from time to time hoping that she would make it to next week when the family is there to send her away. But at 3:17 pm Nabe updated us the news.

"She has left us"

Nabe texted. I knew for a certain that all four of us were fighting back our tears. Kembang was not just a pet. She's a family member. I know it sounded like nothing but seriously, she's the only family pet we ever had (if we don't count Chiko, the one eyed cat I used to help feed and dad discarded her somewhere because she wouldn't stop breeding. I know. I still have beef with my dad on that matter)

I was consoled by the fact that she died with Nabe by her side. They were best friends. It's only nature to have Nabe bury Kembang. Don't be too sad, Adik. We know you did your best. It's her time to go. 

Adieu, Kembang. On vous aime.

Her final hours..

Rigor mortis..


  1. Huhu aku pun sebak jugak baca, buhuhu my deepest condolence to Mon n family.

    Kembang.. Bukan ke kucing C pun nama yg sama?

  2. Replies
    1. dah macam tema sedih pulak blog i asyik post entry sedih

  3. Thank you for being so nice to Kembang all this while. Even though I've never met your Kembang, strangely I just felt like thanking you and your family for being lovable and kind to her until her very last moments being in this world :')

    1. Thats so nice of you P. aku pun harap kembang tak pernah rasa terdera la ngan kitorang

  4. Aku kalau boleh taknak baca entry ni sebab aku tau sedih... Tapi aku gagahkan diri baca jugak..

    R.I.P, Kembang.. I feel your lost, Day.. Be strong..

    1. Thank you Lee. Aku rasa aku macho lagi. Adik aku yang bongsu tu tak tau la dia macam mana

  5. aku tak pernah bela kucing. tapi bila baca ni rasa sedih. RIP Kembang. Be strong Day and family.
    *nama adik beradik kau cool weh haha

    1. Thanks Nad.

      Nama panggilan kitorang memang pelik-pelik sikit. Nama asal kitorang/nama panggilan dalam family/Nama panggilan ngan kawan-kawan. Tabiat buat nama pelik-pelik lahai padan la perangai tak normal.

      Aku: Hidayah/Oyie/Day
      Adik no.2: Wardah/Onie/Onie
      Adik No.3: Syuhada/Cauda @ Chik/Syu
      Adik No.4: Nabila/ Adik@ Nabe / Otty

      hahaha.. semacam sangat gila glemer


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