Day in India: Bangalore Diary

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hi guise,

So I'm finally doing this huh? Anyway, I'm typing all my journal because my handwriting is awful. Apology in advance. I wrote my journal on the go. Grammatical error is inevitable.

At the age of 27, I, Deaday has finally embarked on a new adventure, TRAVELLING ABROAD. So naturally, I'm pissing my pants right now (figuratively). I'm taking MAS flight MH0104. I'm wearing what I think is my best blouse together with my trusted scarves, Mark & Spencer Relaxed Skinny Jeans and those spartan sandals again. I must say, I look good.

My flight will depart from KLIA at around 9:50 am. I don't know what else to do than writing on this journal. 30 minutes have passed since my previous sentence. We are now waiting for take off. Apparently the airway is congested due to weather issue over the Indian Ocean. The time now is 10:20 am. My mom has fallen asleep. Dad has been reading the flight brochure for the second time now. 

The aircraft is somewhat calm despite the children complaining about everything. I feel sorry for the cabin crew. During delay, they had to work extra hard to keep everyone happy. Of course nobody's happy during delays. But what do I know? I'm a first time flyer. OK! Time to take off. Bye Malaysia. Take us away, Captain
[10:23 am]

I sketched random things while waiting to board the plane like the view from Anjung Tinjau and the kid we met at the boarding hall. She was so friendly. My mom and dad were pleased. They love kids.

So I was kinda stupid to think that I would be able to paint in flight. PRESSURE! Didn't you learn anything in Physics 101, Day? I make do with pencil sketching for now. OOOoo! The food cart is here. The smell is maddening. I'm having the non-vegetarian meal:
- Chicken curry & prata
- Papaya, pineapple & honeydew
- Corn custard dessert
- Apple juice & Spritzer mineral water
[19/10/16, 12:01 pm]

We touched down at Bengaluru (Bangalore) International Airport. I don't remember the exact hour but it's probably around 11 am local time. I don't remember. Everything was blurry and nerve wrecking. The immigration officer was stern, scary looking. I stuttered when he asked me our itinerary in India. Gosh.. I can't think of anything. But I made my way pass the officer not long after and we proceeded to the arrival gate after claiming our belonging. Onie and her friend Augustine were already waiting for us. Not caring for anything, I desperately asked for a cup of coffee so we went to Cafe Coffee Day (India's equivalent to Starbucks? IDK). I ordered a large cup of iced Americano. Iced! And he gave me hot Americano. When I asked "Is this iced Americano?" sarcastically of course and he was like "yeah," And that's it. It was so bizarre but I was too tired to deal with it at that time. I just wanna go lie down somewhere so Onie did exactly that. The taxi took us to Sri Laxmi Hotel in Bangalore. After nap and prayer, we set out for sightseeing.

It's funny how we are now in India, walking and breathing the smell of India, choose to have our first meal at a Thai restaurant. And you ask me about India's smell I would say it is surprisingly pleasant. Why so? Because you can always smell delicious curry wherever you go. My first few hours in India has been deliciously inviting but I had quite a few warning about eating street food here so yeah, maybe not now. 
I'm having Seafood Pad Thai and Bubble Milk Tea. A very homely choice. I love Thai food and Lan Thai is as authentic as a Thai food can get (at least on a Malaysian standard). We are heading to the streets for a shopping spree and I'll need all the energy I can get from these delicious food. Laterz..
[3:30 pm local time]

From the 5th Avenue Mall at Brigade Road, we crossed the road to a nearby Converse boutique. I'm a big fan of Converse sneakers but never bought one for myself. I don't know why. To me they're damn expensive. It's expensive still but I feel like if I don't buy one for myself, I'll regret it forever. So I bought one. The store keeper was a young man around my age. I was startled when he suddenly grabbed my feet and tried to put the shoes on me. My dad was like "What the hell.." but it was so sudden. Anyway, it was getting waaaay too weird so we left soon after payment was made.

We went to Garuda Mall, a few blocks away to search for phone spare parts. I don't know. I just tagged along. But while at the Mall, I went to Forever 21 store and nabbed myself a jacket. A very cool looking green jacket. (It looks cool to me. Heyy..)

After calling for a take out from Lan Thai, we headed back to our hotel. We rested for a few hours because later that night, at around 10 or so, we boarded our sleeper bus to Dharwad. Basically we were travelling from the the southern end of Karnataka state to its northern end. India is massive. Fuh.. But that's a story for another day.


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah dan membaca entry ini. Silakanlah merapu di ruang komentari bersama saya. Yeaha~

Rasa cam Cinderella hahahaha getis


  1. Woah ada surprise, hehehe ingatkan semua lukisan ko dh post kat IG.

    Aku pun teringin nk ada travel log cm ko. But knowing me, maybe aku akan lukis satu muka dan tinggal terus. Tggu travel yg seterusnya baru bukak balik, hahahah

    1. Tak post semua sebab tak sempat. Lol.

      Aku halftrough berjalan ari tu dh banyak kali putus asa. Demit susah rupanya nak cari kegigihan utk melukeh sepanjang masa

  2. bestnya travel dan buat journal begini. menarik sangattt! I envy hehe

    1. Thanks nad.. Tp strainingnya la hai nak siapkan. Takut x men jadi pun ye. Tgk travel log orang lain detail amat lukis bangunan..

  3. Menariknyaaaaaa....!! I find this interesting to read, with the painting and all.. Gegeh aku baca tulisan hang..! Aku patut dapat award..XP

    Aku pun rasa green jacket tu cool.. and aku pun rasa sneakers converse mahal..walaupun aku suka sneakers..huhu..

    Street food tempat macam India kena berhati-hati sikit..huhuhu.. Glad you remember that..

    1. Nah award gigih membaca untuk awaa..

      Hahahaha. Jacket tu bagi aku sangat cool tapi sbb Malaysia panas rasa sedih tak dapat selalu pakai. Tapi converse hari-hari aku pakai walaupun aku ni sebenarnya gadis selipar jepun. Barulah berbaloi ngan harga kan?

      Asyik kena momok ngan org sekeliling jangan makan street food. Tertarik camne pun x berani nak try. hoho

  4. Edit, compile, pastu buat laa zine Day Travel.
    Mana tau ada publisher nak amik ke nanti hehehe

    1. Aku.. aku sangat semiconscious bab nk publish mende-mende ni. Kalau utk publishing mungkin lukeh balik kot. Tapi lukeh balik memang tak rajin la aku. hueh hueh

  5. Waaa so awesome laaa, bravo monamieh, bravo. Very enjoyable so far, looking forward to see moarrr~ X3

    Nice food, nampak menyelerakan, arghhh... nice choices of travel attire too, and... what a weird storekeeper... nasib baik ko bukan jenis reflex nak terajang orang...

    1. Ah thank you thank you. Aku punya colouring asyik berubah-ubah je time kat sana. Nak-nak hari yg last-last tu malas terus sentuh watercolour.

      Terus rasa nak makan kuew tiaw goreng kan? hahaha.
      Adik aku cakap kat sana semua kedai kasut pun diorang layan camtu. Ada perasaan seperti cinderella jap. hahaha

    2. Oooh, ok dah ada pics included. Lepas tengok pics kat bawah tu, ya... tak akan ada rasa sampai hati nak ter-terajang orang tu la... macam Cinderella sudah kau ba :'3

  6. jelez nya!!! Power nya jurnal. Taraf pro.


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