Friday, April 24, 2020

Salam kuarantin,

Bermula semalam aku dan beberapa rakan sekerja dah mula dibenarkan kembali bekerja. Bukan mudah nak dapat kelulusan dari pihak berkuasa untuk membolehkan kitorang meneruskan tugas seperti biasa. even as we speak, there are only half of us in the office. The rest are scheduled to work in staggered.

Walaupun kitorang dah dibenarkan kerja, banyak kekangan yang tak dapat nak elak. Our nature of business is construction. Tapi disebabkan ini adalah projek mega, banyak pihak terlibat, agak sukar untuk semua pihak nak dapat kelulusan kembali beroperasi. Supplier masih banyak yang terppaksa tutup kilang. Macam mana nak teruskan construction kalau simen tak boleh produce?

Aku menyokong baik langkah pencegahan yang diwartakan kerajaan Bukan mudah nak buat keputusan untuk shutdown the whole nation. Especially we're still dealing with declining oil price. I am very worried. Quarantine goes beyond boredom. Aku bimbang economic impact dari wabak ni.

Which is why I hate.. Capital letter HATE those assholes who knowingly went to high risk countries for leisure and brought back cases to Malaysia. When you made that decision to go out, it's always an individual decision. But when you come back, we as a nation had to bear it with you. How is that even remotely fair?

I had an acquaintance.. The same fucking stupid one I've talked about before. She went to South Korea when the flight ticket price plummeted. It was a good deal she said so she went there without informing her company. She managed to get back to Malaysia a day before Malaysia denied flight from South Korea that one period. When she got back, she went to work as usual. She fell ill not long after (It was not Covid-19, rest assured) but refused to take an MC because according to her "No, I have work piling up during my holiday so I have to go to the office and finish them up"

In the end, after much pressure from her close friends, she went to the hospital and was ordered to go on a self-quarantine for 14 days. So she did. But on the 4th day of quarantine (the day might not be accurate, but it was during her quarantine), she left house to meet friends from our office to pass some souvenirs she got for them. THE FUCK?!

She did not have Covid-19 and none of her contact contracted Covid-19 from meeting her but her irresponsible actions throughout this pandemic is infuriating. Bad news is, she's not the only one. There are many other assholes that takes things way too lightly and because of them, we are suffering as a nation.

Masa awal-awal perintah kuarantin hari tu belum ada sekatan perjalanan rentas negeri so a few of my colleagues actually balik kampung. Dengan alasan mak bimbang duduk bandar time wabak. ye.. sebab kau sorang je ada mak bapak. Kau sorang je yang kena kuarantin kat bandar ni. Kau kena penyakit tu atau tak bukan isunya kat sini. The point is everybody has to go through this. What makes you so special that you can be excused from abiding it? Sekarang ni company dah start panggil staff masuk kerja, mula la bimbang macam mana nak kembali ke ibu kota dengan jalan banyak tutup. Masa ni baru kau fikir kan?

The more people being selfish and disobey the MCO, the longer we have to be under it. Extension after extension. Korang tak penat ke, babi? Sebab kitorang penat. Kitorang dah jemu. Tolonglah.. Tolonglah stay at home. And this goes to my company as well.  Why la panggil kitorang masuk keje kalau keje site takleh jalan? What's the point? What's the fucking point?


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