Of Onion and Tears

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Something ridiculous happened to me during lunch today. I took my sister with me for Subway. We sat by the window; my sister was chewing her B.L.T. I was not that hungry at the time so I ordered a bowl of salad. It was good, plain but good enough to satiate my need to chew some food. We were quietly munching our lunch when there was this urgent tingling in our eyes. I could barely keep them open. I looked at my sister and she too was squinting. A familiar sting was harassing our view. I looked around. Someone must have ordered a sandwich with truck load of onion. 

We turned back to our food, sniffing as we do. But it seemed like we were not the only ones who were affected by the onion sting. During the confusion, I locked eyes with the couple at the table next to us. They were also squinting their eyes, noses sniffled timidly. I looked at the Subway server. They were sniffling along with the people who were lining up to order their lunch.

I found it quite bizarre and comical. I asked "Are you cutting onion back there?"

One of the girls quickly answered "We are. Sorry about that"

And the whole place burst with laughter. It was so ridiculous that we could only laugh about it. And cry of course. We were crying in pain because of the onion and the laughable situation we were in.

(From Anna Banana)



  1. A weird situation u have there...ahaha

    I wonder if i am at ur place

  2. Boi those girls must really love onions... to the point where they cannot avoid messing with other people's noses too. Kuat nau gas bawang tu, Holland onions la kot agaknya (^^;)

  3. membawang sambil potong bawang?


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