Work : Project Completion Ceremony (SBG201)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kick-off and closing ceremonies are huge in construction as they are in any industry. In conjunction with the completion of our precast segments for the Northern Packages, I've prepared a digital journal of the big day. I'm experimenting with digital templates this time around.

It was fun.. huhu.

I thought I had to clarify the last bit about alcohol and how we deal with "Yambui" culture in a multicultural corporation. Popping a bottle of champagne or two is very normal in any industry. But that doesn't mean everyone is handed a glass of alcoholic drink whenever we're celebrating. In all my years working in construction, feast is something that is prepared in consideration of everyone. We don't serve beef to cater for the Hindus (and some faction of Buddhist??). No pork and beer for the Muslims. Drinking party is usually held elsewhere.

As for the "Champagne Bathing" ritual, it's not like people are drinking from the surface of concrete. So I get it if anyone feels a bit uneasy with the whole deal but maybe chill a bit before saying anything.

Anyway, I'm sharing some photos taken during the ceremony.
Taken with our General Manager and Deputy Construction Director of MMC Gamuda PDP.

Our cute small team of four. We're used to be 5 but 1 of us got transferred to another team. Kinda sad that he didn't get to celebrate this milestone with us.

This is how we name our segment. Segment SGB35-15 is the final segment out of 8,331 standard segment cast in SPCI Casting Yard, Senawang. "SGB35" is the span reference and "13" is the segment sequence. I hope that makes sense to laymen.

With the Precast Manager of SPC Industry. I hope to meet you again in the future, Fairuz. Maybe some day we'll work together in another mega project, Insya Allah.

Adieu.. et au revoir..


  1. Yes Buddhit don't eat beef too.. :) Bestnya projek dah siap.. Love the feelings

    1. Thank you for clarifying!! :) I was a bit unsure about that because there are some buddhist friends of mine who would eat everything and anything so I get confused sometimes.

      I'm just glad I get to be there when it starts and ends. It's cathartic.

  2. Digital templates look kewl too, I'm digging the idea *thumbs up*

    Btw, congrats and well done! All the best in the next construction project :D

    1. I'm liking the result so far. maybe I'll do this more often. Scanning my journal is messy.


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