Day in Cambodia: Part 1 of 4 [Day1: TONLE SAP]

Sunday, July 22, 2018

I've been looking for a way to fit all the scanned pages into the blog post. Today's post might load a bit slower than usual but bear with me.

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We actually went back to Family Mart for a quick snack.

I don't know what it is with flight meal, I'm just way too excited for it.

Stepping out of the AC-ed airport was like walking into a sauna. Much much much much hotter than Malaysia, I'm telling you.

To be honest, I would rather stay in bed rather than went out with the tour group. But then again, why would you fly to a different country just to stay in the comfort of your lodging? Let's go out and see things.

Night time was a work out session.

So that's it. Not much instant photos eyh? Actually I took quite some numbers but they didn't come out as nice so I kept them in my personal album. Plus, I gave a few away. 



  1. Okay jenuh jugak la nak teropong tulisan tu bila baca dalam phone but it was freaking awesome! Semua lukis sendiri???

    1. Yep semua lukis sendiri except for stickers..

  2. Beb, about the loading time for a blog post with many pictures, you can try resizing the original image size for each file (my usual setting is 800x600 pixels, 360dpi resolution) after scanning at 300dpi. I do my image resizing via PS. Of course, you can try experimenting with other combinations of pixels and dpi until you're fully satisfied with the result (blog page loading time + image quality) ;3

    Arghh terliur aku tengok FM'S Oden lukisan ko nih... btw, I'm suddenly curious about moleskin paper. Aku tak pasti kenapa tapi after staring at your watakala arts, I'm starting to deduce that moleskin paper is most likely a better partner to watakala kalau nak apply teknik mewarna yang cair. I've tried Canson notes (120gsm, A6 size), Daler Rowney (135gsm, A5<x<A4) and UniPaper Art & Decor (150gsm, A6 size) so far, and I can see and feel that Canson notes work better compared to the other two. I'm soo getting myself a moleskin pocket watercolor notebook later. I must quench my curiosity! X3

    Omo omo... those tiny frogs, how cuteee... aku suka tangkap katak-katak kecik size ni masa zaman aku kecik-kecik dulu. Sekarang dah pupus dah agaknya kat sini, payah gila nak nampak dah. Tak pasti la samada kekatak kecik tu memang species yg tiny or they're just juvenile frogs :3

    That Siem Reep banana-choco street pancake... I heard that many Korean tourists enjoy those. Aku lapaq... okeh, aku pi makan dulu :'D

    1. Aku fix pixel width to 740px sebab itu yang fit perfectly to my blog post setting. Takut loading lambat ni sebab sebelum ni ada yang complaint pasal loading time bila aku post banyak gambar dalam satu entry.

      moleskine paper banyak jenis. Yang aku guna untuk travel journal ni classic moleskine. Nipis. Not necessarily good for watercolour. Watercolour album dia paling best tapi menulis lak tak best sebab tebal dan bertexture. Personal fav aku mmg classic plain la. Bila dotted macam serabut pulak rupa dia.

      Katak adalah menggelikan tapi sebab depa kecik amat, aku gagahkan jugak amik gambo. HAHAHA

    2. Ooh kalo camtu the loading time is still a bit slow probably sebab size of each image is more than 1mb. Aku selalu reduce size image bagi jadi less than 400kb, kalau lebih dari tu biasanya loading time blog entry yang ada banyak images akan jadi slower, pics lambat nak keluar satu2... huhuh

      Classic plain Moleskin eh? Yushhh thanks for the tips ;3
      Yang dotted ni ada masanya membuatkan aku jadi a bit confused bila membaca tulisan ko ni sebab nak train mata membezakan titik noktah dari paper dots tu. Ahahaa... ("; ^ w ^)

      Katak kecik2 camtu comei la pada aku, kalau dah besar tu aku pun takmo mendekatinya. Hahah :'D

    3. Whaaaat? Really? I know nothing about pixel! Thanks for the advise. You sure know about lots of things

  3. lawo2 lak kaler air atas buku contengan ni.
    keep it up day leh publish kat mainstream lak nanti.
    aku nk beli

    1. ala2 buku travelog gitu

    2. Nak publish tu memang macam jauh lagi la harapannya. Depa taknak English. Melayu aku lak sasau.

  4. kreatif la pulak kalau buat begini..

    ada lain dari yang lain..

  5. weyy I envy u. u can write and paint really well. keep it up. boleh jual oh buku kau ni haha. cant wait for next episode.


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