Day in Cambodia: Part 0 of 4 [INTRODUCTION]

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hi guise,

I just got back from Cambodia and let me tell you this, personally I think my travel journal is a huge success. I manage to finish it in a short time. I've captured most of the thing I wanted to capture and I am less annoyed at the outcome. So yes, a SUCCESS!

I will be posting the travel journal in phases so that I won't sit on the whole thing for too long. There will be 5 parts to the travel journal including the Introduction. There will be very minimal additional write up except for this entry. You'll be reading the raw scans of my travel journal and I won't be changing any of the grammatical errors. I wish you would enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed writing it.

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So, let's start. I began preparing for the trip for almost two months earlier. I bought new luggage, new hiking pants and some other tiny stuff. It was about three weeks before the trip that I actually decided to do a travel journal while on the go. I managed to get some new writing supply with the remaining money I had left after paying for the trip and setting aside some money for souvenirs.

The trip was partly sponsored by my company so it was rather affordable. A little bit about the trip, it was an annual company trip organised by Gamuda Sport Club. I don't usually join these kind of activities because I don't have many friends at the HQ. Being a seconded staff usually means that you are cut off from the rest of the parent company. I took a leap of faith with this trip after Kak Nurul, someone previously worked in the same office with me, invited me to be her roommate during the trip.

We were required to pay only half of the total cost. We paid RM1300 in 3 installments to the Trip Coordinator. It was even more convenient than what I thought it would be. The trip was well managed and we were frequently informed of the latest development.

(Special thanks to Kak Cha, my housemate who lent me her prized SJCam which I used mostly on videos.)

(Oopss.. kay... I didn't anticipate this. Apparently, my scanner is not big enough for flip. I will have to scan them on a bigger scanner but my personal scanner has been far better than the one we have at work so I'm a bit conflicted here. Anyway.. we'll see about it..)

So that's it for an introduction. Tune in next time?



  1. Ke Kemboja rupanya mung Day, nice! I've never been to Cambodia, so I'll be enjoying myself reading your kewl travel journal (adoring the new style!). Nice illustrations as always ( ^ w ^ )... *2 thumbs up*

    1. Thank you.. I hope my penmanship has improved from last time.

  2. Pergh pergi kemboja
    Banyak tak bunga kemboja kat sana


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