Even In a Dream

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey you.. Do you know?

It's hard to lie to your heart. It always knows. It always feels something is off. And out of nowhere it will remind you of the truth. No matter how hard you try to bury it deep inside or try to outsmart it, it will show itself when you are least prepared.

It's funny how in my dream you keep popping up. It's almost as if my subconscious is having its own sweet vendetta by occasionally  imagining you as who you were just for the fun of breaking my heart over and over again. But i guess it's my head who loves to contradict with what i truly feel.

Even in my dream, even if I am happier than I could ever be with my eyes wide open, even in that tiny moment of hope, I know you can't be. I know you are not here for good. That you are just an illusion. I could hear myself saying "He can't be here holding my hands.. He left and he's never coming back. It's all but a dream".

And it is.. it was a dream.. After a swift embrace.. You are gone with the wind. Your face slowly merges with some stranger.. A stranger I couldn't care less.. And I could hear my heart breaking. i could hear it reaps open an old wound.. Because imagining something so joyful and at the same time realizing it won't come true is just as painful as it once were.

I should have let you go.. But that's an impossibility. How do you let go when leaving is just as painful as staying behind?

Because it's going to hurt no matter which way I choose..


p/s: Oh fucker this is painful.. I should just complete my other comic..

Right! Stop it. It's getting silly. Now get on with it. Get on with it!


  1. *slowly hugs deaday, pats her lightly on the back 3 times* ^^

    .......btw, have you received your prize (that shirt) yet? ;3

  2. wow..kaoru like stroke..clap3x..


  3. Aku nak kata aku faham perasaan kau, tapi itu bermakna aku tipu sebab yg faham perasaan kau hanya kau sendiri.

    But yet kau tak ada pilihan selain moving forward...kan?

  4. aku terlepas smthing ek ni deaday? apa2 pon be strong k

  5. women are like that. we often dream and visualize how our significant others will stay by our sides and treat us nicely. in fact, by just being there with us makes a big difference.

  6. Daaayyy..! Aku rindu kt blog ni n koooo..! Ngeeeee.. *pat yous shoulder.*

  7. No. stay; continue the whole damn storyline. Embrace the pain.. In the end thats all that matter.

  8. Even my dream, dia langsung tak pandang i. Huh such a sad story.


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