Wish Crossed #1

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Earlier this year I managed to cross one of wish from my wishlist.

I bought a bed. Wow, finally. After so many years. It's a beautiful wooden bed with white painting finishing. My parents bought the mattress years earlier and it doesn't exactly fit the new bed. As you can see, the mattress is a bit too thick for the bed. The headboard basically sinks behind the mattress. No biggie. I still enjoy it nonetheless. Plus, the bed is a great addition to my all white assemble. My kind of aesthetic.

Hmm.. pretty.



  1. That's nice! Mine's a wooden-frame as well :D

    1. Wooden frame is so sturdy. I'm actually surprised when I got mine.

  2. Looks cosy..! Aku pun berhajat nak beli katil..tapi tatau bila tercapai hajat tuh..huhu..

    1. Ikea sells affordable cute wooden bed frame but it could only fits ikea's mattress and they don't come cheap. smh


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