All the Money In The World

Friday, July 07, 2017

Berangan adalah percuma, maka marilah berangan,

If I have unlimited money in my disposal, things I wanna BUY are:

1) A studio apartment, professionally designed to cater for both my career and hobby. (basically means that I wanna have a compact office/studio at home)
2) Upgrade hardware; Cintiq 27QHD, iMac pro, Canon Pixma iP8720 Inkjet Printer, Canon LiDE 220 flatbed scanner
3) Upgrade software: Licensed softwares (Photoshop, MonoSnap, Autodesk, Primavera etc)
4) Artist grade art supplies.
5) Full collection of art textbook and anatomy reference book.
6) A bath tub

image from Miranda Brooks

Darren Yeow's workplace from tumblr

Can I have a butler too, please? Oh and guys, if I do have this, you can lepak at my house and do art all day long.. On weekends of course.

Fun notes: I love my digital work place to be dark and brooding while my traditional art studio to be well lit by natural light.
No printers, just fax: No room is ever big enough for creativity.


post note: I really need to tidy up my room


  1. A bathtub? That's kind of unexpected :>
    Licensed softwares... yep. I'd love to have them too... huhuu

    Tomorrow's Saturday, so... happy 'room tidying', monamieh~ ( ";^ w ^)

    1. lama dah nak bathtub tp kt KL ni apartment bilik air kecik. Xmuat bathtub

  2. haha yang lain tu aku tak berapa faham but big yassss for bath tub. yass! yass! yass! haha. hmm if u have bath tub can i come over?

  3. Bath tub yaaaaas babe tak kaya pun aku nak jugak bila berumah sendiri nanti i dont care kalau tak muat letak kat living room pun takpe! Lol

    Me, i want a library.

    1. Hahaha.. letak kat ruang tamu tu aku pernah ternampak internal design buat bathtub tengah rumah. i mean like hell... artistik sangat!

      Ah.. Library.. yes yes and yes!!


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